adapter.incClasses used by the Facet API module.
apachesolr.admin.incAdministrative pages for the Apache Solr framework.
apachesolr.drush.incdrush integration for apachesolr.
apachesolr.index.incFunctions used when indexing content to Apache Solr.
apachesolr.installInstall and related hooks for apachesolr_search.
apachesolr.moduleIntegration with the Apache Solr search application.
apachesolr_access.testUnit tests for the access control functionalities that are added by apachesolr_access.
apachesolr_search.admin.incAdministrative settings for searching.
apachesolr_search.installInstall and related hooks for apachesolr_search.
apachesolr_search.moduleProvides a content search implementation for node content for use with the Apache Solr search application.
apachesolr_search.pages.incProvides the page callback for user defined search pages.
CHANGELOG.txtApache Solr integration 7.x-1.x-xxxx, xxxx-xx-xx ------------------------------ #1292364 by Nick_vh, scor: Added UI redesign. #1336324 by Nick_vh | tinker: Added Get Solr version number to determine feature sets like facet ranges and location…
mapping-ISOLatin1Accent.txt# Incomplete example for testing
protwords.txt#----------------------------------------------------------------------- # This file blocks words from being operated on by the stemmer and word delimiter. & < > ' "
protwords.txt# Incomplete example for testing
query_type_date.incDate query type plugin for the Apache Solr adapter.
query_type_numeric_range.incNumeric range query type plugin for the Apache Solr adapter.
query_type_term.incTerm query type plugin for the Apache Solr adapter.
README.txtThe conf files in this directory are complete in addition to schema.xml and solrconfig.xml in order to provide what a core needs to run. However, these are only for testing. For production start from the ones from the example/solr directory of a…
README.txtThis module integrates Drupal with the Apache Solr search platform. Solr search can be used as a replacement for core content search and boasts both extra features and better performance. Among the extra features is the ability to have faceted search…
Solr_Base_Query.phpThis class allows you to make operations on a query that will be sent to Apache Solr. methods such as adding and removing sorts, remove and replace parameters, adding and removing filters, getters and setters for various parameters and more
solr_base_query.testUnit tests for query object methods.
solr_base_subquery.testUnit tests for subquery object methods.
solr_index_and_search.testUnit test class that provides the setUp and tearDown of a solr core on the default localhost server. This server must be configured for multiple cores with a solr.xml file.
stopwords.txt# Incomplete example set for testing a an of the to
synonyms.txt# Example synonmym mappings for testing druplicon => drupal icon love,hate,spam