commerce-cart-block.tpl.phpDefault implementation of the shopping cart block template.
commerce-checkout-errors-message.tpl.phpDefault implementation of the checkout errors messages template.
commerce-checkout-help.tpl.phpDefault implementation of the checkout help text template.
commerce-line-item-summary.tpl.phpDefault implementation of a line item summary template.
commerce-payment-totals.tpl.phpDefault implementation of a payment totals template.
commerce-product-sku.tpl.phpDefault theme implementation to present the SKU on a product page.
commerce-product-status.tpl.phpDefault theme implementation to present the status on a product page.
commerce-product-title.tpl.phpDefault theme implementation to present the title on a product page.
commerce.api.phpThis file contains no working PHP code; it exists to provide additional documentation for doxygen as well as to document hooks in the standard Drupal manner.
commerce.controller.incProvides a central controller for Drupal Commerce.
commerce.currency.incDefines the default currency list of active currencies from ISO 4217.
commerce.moduleDefines features and functions common to the Commerce modules.
commerce_base.testDefines abstract base test class for the Commerce module tests.
commerce_cart.api.phpHooks provided by the Cart module.
commerce_cart.checkout_pane.incCheckout pane callback functions for the cart module. metadata for the shopping cart order.
commerce_cart.moduleImplements the shopping cart system and add to cart features.
commerce_cart.pages.incThe page and form callbacks for use by the shopping cart.
commerce_cart.rules.incRules integration for shopping carts.
commerce_cart.rules_defaults.incDefault rule configurations for Cart.
commerce_cart.testFunctional tests for the commerce cart module.
commerce_cart_plugin_argument_default_current_cart_order_id.incContains a default argument plugin to return the current user's cart order ID.
commerce_checkout.admin.incAdministrative callbacks for the Checkout module.
commerce_checkout.api.phpHooks provided by the Checkout module.
commerce_checkout.checkout_pane.incCheckout pane callback functions for the checkout module.
commerce_checkout.moduleEnable checkout as a multi-step form with customizable pages and a simple checkout pane API.
commerce_checkout.pages.incThe page and form callbacks for use in the checkout form.
commerce_checkout.rules.incRules integration for the checkout process.
commerce_checkout.rules_defaults.incDefault rule configurations for Checkout.
commerce_checkout.testFunctional tests for the commerce checkout module.
commerce_customer.api.phpHooks provided by the Customer module.
commerce_customer.checkout_pane.incCheckout pane callback functions for the customer module. metadata for the customer profile entity.
commerce_customer.moduleDefines the customer profile entity and API functions to manage customers and interact with them.
commerce_customer.tokens.incBuilds placeholder replacement tokens for customer related data.
commerce_customer_handler_field_customer_profile.incContains the basic customer profile field handler.