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7 commerce_price_create_instance($field_name, $entity_type, $bundle, $label, $weight = 0, $calculation = FALSE, $display = array())

Creates a required, locked instance of a price field on the specified bundle.


$field_name The name of the field; if it already exists, a new instance of the existing field will be created. For fields governed by the Commerce modules, this should begin with commerce_.

$entity_type The type of entity the field instance will be attached to.

$bundle The bundle name of the entity the field instance will be attached to.

$label The label of the field instance.

$weight The default weight of the field instance widget and display.

$calculation A string indicating the default value of the display formatter's calculation setting.

$display An array of default display data used for the entity's current view modes.

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commerce_line_item_configure_line_item_type in modules/line_item/commerce_line_item.module
Configures a line item type by adding default price fields and then calling its configuration callback.
commerce_order_configure_order_type in modules/order/commerce_order.module
Ensures the line item field is present on the default order bundle.
commerce_product_configure_product_type in modules/product/commerce_product.module
Ensures a base price field is present on a product type bundle.


modules/price/commerce_price.module, line 208

function commerce_price_create_instance($field_name, $entity_type, $bundle, $label, $weight = 0, $calculation = FALSE, $display = array()) {
  // If a field type we know should exist isn't found, clear the Field cache.
  if (!field_info_field_types('commerce_price')) {

  // Look for or add the specified price field to the requested entity bundle.
  $field = field_info_field($field_name);
  $instance = field_info_instance($entity_type, $field_name, $bundle);

  if (empty($field)) {
    $field = array(
      'field_name' => $field_name, 
      'type' => 'commerce_price', 
      'cardinality' => 1, 
      'entity_types' => array($entity_type), 
      'translatable' => FALSE, 
      'locked' => TRUE,
    $field = field_create_field($field);

  if (empty($instance)) {
    $instance = array(
      'field_name' => $field_name, 
      'entity_type' => $entity_type, 
      'bundle' => $bundle, 
      'label' => $label, 
      'required' => TRUE, 
      'settings' => array(),
      // Because this widget is locked, we need it to use the full price widget
      // since the currency option can't be adjusted at the moment. 
      'widget' => array(
        'type' => 'commerce_price_full', 
        'weight' => $weight, 
        'settings' => array(
          'currency_code' => 'default',
      'display' => array(),

    $entity_info = entity_get_info($entity_type);

    // Spoof the default view mode and node teaser so its display type is set.
    $entity_info['view modes'] += array(
      'default' => array(), 
      'node_teaser' => array(),

    foreach ($entity_info['view modes'] as $view_mode => $data) {
      $instance['display'][$view_mode] = $display + array(
        'label' => 'hidden', 
        'type' => 'commerce_price_formatted_amount', 
        'settings' => array(
          'calculation' => $calculation,
        'weight' => $weight,