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7 commerce_product_can_delete($product)

Determines whether or not the give product can be deleted.


$product The product to be checked for deletion.

Return value

Boolean indicating whether or not the product can be deleted.


modules/product/commerce_product.module, line 537

function commerce_product_can_delete($product) {
  // Return FALSE if the given product does not have an ID; it need not be
  // deleted, which is functionally equivalent to cannot be deleted as far as
  // code depending on this function is concerned.
  if (empty($product->product_id)) {
    return FALSE;

  // If any module implementing hook_commerce_product_can_delete() returns FALSE
  // the product cannot be deleted. Return TRUE if none return FALSE.
  return !in_array(FALSE, module_invoke_all('commerce_product_can_delete', $product));