Domain Access: A domain-based access control systemThe core Domain Access module.
Domain Alias: Advanced domain matchingAllows domain aliases and domain name patterns for domain entries so multiple hostnames are matched on one single domain entry.
Domain Conf: configuration extensionFunctions for the Domain Conf module.
Domain Content : administer nodes for affiliate sitesAllows for the batch editing of select node settings. Re-factors the default content editing screen to show content only from selected domains.
Domain hook functionsCore hooks for the Domain module suite.
Domain Navigation: navigation block and menu optionsConfigurable navigation and block based on active domains.
Domain Settings : expanded site configuration options for Domain AccessMakes standard system settings forms domain-sensitive.
Domain Source: editor-defined links.Creates a canonical source domain for linking to content from other domains.
Domain Strict: strict access controlForces users to be assigned to a domain in order to view content on that domain.
Domain Theme: manage themesSwitch themes based on active domain.





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