AGGREGATOR_CLEAR_NEVERmodules/aggregator/aggregator.moduleDenotes that a feed's items should never expire.
BLOCK_CUSTOM_DISABLEDmodules/block/block.moduleHide this block by default but let individual users show it.
BLOCK_CUSTOM_ENABLEDmodules/block/block.moduleShow this block by default, but let individual users hide it.
BLOCK_CUSTOM_FIXEDmodules/block/block.moduleUsers cannot control whether or not they see this block.
BLOCK_REGION_NONEmodules/block/block.moduleDenotes that a block is not enabled in any region and should not be shown.
BLOCK_VISIBILITY_LISTEDmodules/block/block.moduleShow this block on only the listed pages.
BLOCK_VISIBILITY_NOTLISTEDmodules/block/block.moduleShow this block on every page except the listed pages.
BLOCK_VISIBILITY_PHPmodules/block/block.moduleShow this block if the associated PHP code returns TRUE.
CACHE_PERMANENTincludes/bootstrap.incIndicates that the item should never be removed unless explicitly selected.
CACHE_TEMPORARYincludes/bootstrap.incIndicates that the item should be removed at the next general cache wipe.
CHECK_PLAINincludes/bootstrap.incFlag for drupal_set_title(); text is not sanitized, so run check_plain().
COMMENT_ANONYMOUS_MAYNOT_CONTACTmodules/comment/comment.moduleAnonymous posters cannot enter their contact information.
COMMENT_ANONYMOUS_MAY_CONTACTmodules/comment/comment.moduleAnonymous posters may leave their contact information.
COMMENT_ANONYMOUS_MUST_CONTACTmodules/comment/comment.moduleAnonymous posters are required to leave their contact information.
COMMENT_FORM_BELOWmodules/comment/comment.moduleComment form should be shown below post or list of comments.
COMMENT_FORM_SEPARATE_PAGEmodules/comment/comment.moduleComment form should be displayed on a separate page.
COMMENT_MODE_FLATmodules/comment/comment.moduleComments are displayed in a flat list - expanded.
COMMENT_MODE_THREADEDmodules/comment/comment.moduleComments are displayed as a threaded list - expanded.
COMMENT_NODE_CLOSEDmodules/comment/comment.moduleComments for this node are closed.
COMMENT_NODE_HIDDENmodules/comment/comment.moduleComments for this node are hidden.
COMMENT_NODE_OPENmodules/comment/comment.moduleComments for this node are open.
COMMENT_NOT_PUBLISHEDmodules/comment/comment.moduleComment is awaiting approval.
COMMENT_PUBLISHEDmodules/comment/comment.moduleComment is published.
CSS_DEFAULTincludes/common.incThe default group for module CSS files added to the page.
CSS_SYSTEMincludes/common.incThe default group for system CSS files added to the page.
CSS_THEMEincludes/common.incThe default group for theme CSS files added to the page.
DRUPAL_ANONYMOUS_RIDincludes/bootstrap.incRole ID for anonymous users; should match what's in the "role" table.
DRUPAL_AUTHENTICATED_RIDincludes/bootstrap.incRole ID for authenticated users; should match what's in the "role" table.
DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_CONFIGURATIONincludes/bootstrap.incFirst bootstrap phase: initialize configuration.
DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_DATABASEincludes/bootstrap.incThird bootstrap phase: initialize database layer.
DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_FULLincludes/bootstrap.incFinal bootstrap phase: Drupal is fully loaded; validate and fix input data.
DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_LANGUAGEincludes/bootstrap.incSeventh bootstrap phase: find out language of the page.
DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_PAGE_CACHEincludes/bootstrap.incSecond bootstrap phase: try to serve a cached page.
DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_PAGE_HEADERincludes/bootstrap.incSixth bootstrap phase: set up the page header.
DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_SESSIONincludes/bootstrap.incFifth bootstrap phase: initialize session handling.
DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_VARIABLESincludes/bootstrap.incFourth bootstrap phase: initialize the variable system.
DRUPAL_CACHE_CUSTOMincludes/common.incThe block is handling its own caching in its hook_block_view(). From the perspective of the block cache system, this is equivalent to DRUPAL_NO_CACHE. Useful when time based expiration is needed or a site uses a node access which invalidates standard…
DRUPAL_CACHE_GLOBALincludes/common.incThe block or element is the same for every user on every page where it is visible.
DRUPAL_CACHE_PER_PAGEincludes/common.incThe block or element can change depending on the page being viewed.
DRUPAL_CACHE_PER_ROLEincludes/common.incThe block or element can change depending on the roles the user viewing the page belongs to. This is the default setting for blocks, used when the block does not specify anything.
DRUPAL_CACHE_PER_USERincludes/common.incThe block or element can change depending on the user viewing the page. This setting can be resource-consuming for sites with large number of users, and thus should only be used when DRUPAL_CACHE_PER_ROLE is not sufficient.
DRUPAL_CORE_COMPATIBILITYincludes/bootstrap.incCore API compatibility.
DRUPAL_CRON_DEFAULT_THRESHOLDmodules/system/system.moduleDefault interval for automatic cron executions in seconds.
DRUPAL_DISABLEDmodules/system/system.moduleDisabled option on forms and settings
DRUPAL_HASH_COUNTincludes/password.incThe standard log2 number of iterations for password stretching. This should increase by 1 every Drupal version in order to counteract increases in the speed and power of computers available to crack the hashes.
DRUPAL_HASH_LENGTHincludes/password.incThe expected (and maximum) number of characters in a hashed password.
DRUPAL_KILOBYTEincludes/bootstrap.incThe number of bytes in a kilobyte. For more information, visit
DRUPAL_MAXIMUM_TEMP_FILE_AGEmodules/system/system.moduleMaximum age of temporary files in seconds.