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5 hook_filter_tips($delta, $format, $long = false)
6 hook_filter_tips($delta, $format, $long = FALSE)

Provide tips for using filters.

A module's tips should be informative and to the point. Short tips are preferably one-liners.


$delta Which of this module's filters to use. Modules which only implement one filter can ignore this parameter.

$format Which format we are providing tips for.

$long If set to true, long tips are requested, otherwise short tips are needed.

Return value

The text of the filter tip.

Related topics


documentation/developer/hooks/core.php, line 397

function hook_filter_tips($delta, $format, $long = false) {
  if ($long) {
    return t('To post pieces of code, surround them with &lt;code&gt;...&lt;/code&gt; tags. For PHP code, you can use &lt;?php ... ?&gt;, which will also colour it based on syntax.');
  else {
    return t('You may post code using &lt;code&gt;...&lt;/code&gt; (generic) or &lt;?php ... ?&gt; (highlighted PHP) tags.');