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These examples show basic AJAX concepts.

General documentation is available at AJAX Framework documentation and at the AJAX Forms handbook page.

The several examples here demonstrate basic AJAX usage.

Functions & methods

ajax_example_autocheckboxesAJAX-enabled select element causes replacement of a set of checkboxes based on the selection.
ajax_example_autocheckboxes_callbackCallback element needs only select the portion of the form to be updated. Since #ajax['callback'] return can be HTML or a renderable array (or an array of commands), we can just return a piece of the form. See @link ajax_example_advanced.inc…
ajax_example_autotextfieldsShow/hide textfields based on AJAX-enabled checkbox clicks.
ajax_example_autotextfields_callbackSelects the piece of the form we want to use as replacement text and returns it as a form (renderable array).
ajax_example_dependent_dropdownA form with a dropdown whose options are dependent on a choice made in a previous dropdown.
ajax_example_dependent_dropdown_callbackSelects just the second dropdown to be returned for re-rendering
ajax_example_menuImplements hook_menu().
ajax_example_render_linkDemonstrates a clickable AJAX-enabled link using the 'use-ajax' class.
ajax_example_simplestSimple form whose ajax-enabled 'changethis' member causes a text change in the description of the 'replace_textfield' member. See Form API Tutorial
ajax_example_simplest_callbackCallback for ajax_example_simplest.
ajax_example_submit_driven_ajaxA very basic form which with an AJAX-enabled submit.
ajax_example_submit_driven_callbackSelect the 'box' element, change the markup in it, and return it as a renderable array.
ajax_link_responseCallback for link example.
_ajax_example_get_first_dropdown_optionsHelper function to populate the first dropdown. This would normally be pulling data from the database.
_ajax_example_get_second_dropdown_optionsHelper function to populate the second dropdown. This would normally be pulling data from the database.

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