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Examples demonstrating the Drupal File API (and Stream Wrappers).

The File Example module is a part of the Examples for Developers Project and provides various Drupal File API Examples. You can download and experiment with this code at the Examples for Developers project page.

See Drupal File API for handbook documentation on the File API and File summary on api.drupal.org for the function summary.


FileExampleSessionStreamWrapperExample stream wrapper class to handle session:// streams.

Functions & methods

file_example_check_directory_submitSubmit handler to test directory existence. This actually just checks to see if the directory is writable
file_example_create_directory_submitSubmit handler for directory creation. Here we create a directory and set proper permissions on it using file_prepare_directory().
file_example_delete_directory_submitSubmit handler for directory deletion.
file_example_delete_submitSubmit handler to delete a file.
file_example_file_check_exists_submitSubmit handler to check existence of a file.
file_example_get_managed_fileUtility function to check for and return a managed file. In this demonstration code we don't necessarily know if a file is managed or not, so often need to check to do the correct behavior. Normal code would not have to do this, as it would be…
file_example_introA simple introduction to the workings of this module.
file_example_managed_write_submitSubmit handler to write a managed file.
file_example_menuImplements hook_menu() to set up the URLs (menu entries) for the file examples.
file_example_permissionImplements hook_permission().
file_example_readwriteForm builder function for the file example readwrite and directory creation example.
file_example_read_submitSubmit handler for reading a stream wrapper.
file_example_session_contentsA utility function to allow us to see what is in a session "file".
file_example_show_session_contents_submitUtility submit function for debugging: Show $_SESSION.
file_example_stream_wrappersImplements hook_stream_wrappers(). hook_stream_wrappers() is Drupal's way of exposing the class that PHP will use to provide a new stream wrapper class. In this case, we'll expose the 'session' scheme, so a file reference like…

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