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Demonstrates the basic use of image API.

This module demonstrates the use of Drupal 7's new image styles and effects including the following topics.

  • Define default image styles in code. Useful for modules that want to ship with predefined image styles and for site developers who want their image style configurations to be in version control. hook_image_default_styles().
  • Define new image effects. Demonstrates how a module can add additional effects to the options available when creating image styles. hook_image_effect_info().
  • Alter existing image styles. Demonstrates the use of hook_image_styles_alter() to modify existing image effects, especially those defined by other modules in hook_image_default_styles() without having to override the styles.
  • Demonstrates the use of hook_image_style_save() and hook_image_style_delete() to update module specific variables when an image style is either re-named or deleted.
  • Generate a form with a field of type #managed_file that allows the user to upload an image and choose a style to use when displaying that image.
  • Demonstrates the use of theme_image_style() to display images using an image style.

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Functions & methods

image_example_colorize_effectImage effect callback; Colorize an image resource.
image_example_colorize_formForm Builder; Configuration settings for colorize effect.
image_example_disableImplements hook_disable().
image_example_enableImplements hook_enable().
image_example_helpImplements hook_help().
image_example_image_default_stylesImplements hook_image_default_styles().
image_example_image_effect_infoImplements hook_image_effect_info().
image_example_image_styles_alterImplements hook_image_styles_alter().
image_example_image_style_deleteImplements hook_image_style_delete().
image_example_image_style_saveImplements hook_image_style_save().
image_example_installImplements hook_install().
image_example_menuImplements hook_menu().
image_example_style_flushImplements hook_image_style_flush().
image_example_style_formForm for uploading and displaying an image using selected style.
image_example_style_form_submitForm Builder; Display a form for uploading an image.
image_example_style_form_validateVerifies that the user supplied an image with the form..
image_example_themeImplements hook_theme().
image_example_uninstallImplements hook_uninstall().
theme_image_example_colorize_summaryFormats a summary of an image colorize effect.
theme_image_example_imageTheme function displays an image rendered using the specified style.

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