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Test case for testing the image example module.

This file contains the tests cases to check if the module is performing as expected.


ImageExampleTestCase@file Test case for testing the image example module.
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 * @file
 * Test case for testing the image example module.
 * This file contains the tests cases to check if the module is performing as
 * expected.
class ImageExampleTestCase extends DrupalWebTestCase {
  protected $web_user;

  public static function getInfo() {
    return array(
      'name' => 'Image example functionality',
      'description' => 'Test functionality of the Image Example module.',
      'group' => 'Examples',

   * Enable modules and create user with specific permissions.
  function setUp() {
    // Create user with permission to administer image styles.
    $this->web_user = $this->drupalCreateUser(array('administer image styles', 'administer blocks'));

   * Test implementations of image API hooks.
  function testImageExample() {
    // Login the admin user.

    // Verify that the default style added by
    // image_example_image_default_styles() is in the list of image styles.
    $image_styles = image_styles();
    $this->assertTrue(isset($image_styles['image_example_style']), t('The default style image_example_style is in the list of image styles.'));

    // Verify that the effect added to the default 'thumbnail' style by
    // image_example_image_styles_alter() is present.
    $this->assertTrue((isset($image_styles['thumbnail']['effects'][1]['name']) && $image_styles['thumbnail']['effects'][1]['name'] == 'image_example_colorize'), t('Effect added to the thumbnail style via hook_image_styles_alter() is present.'));

    // Create a new image style and add the effect provided by
    // image_example_effect_info().
    $new_style = array('name' => drupal_strtolower($this->randomName()));
    $new_style = image_style_save($new_style);
    $this->assertTrue(isset($new_style['isid']), t('Image style @style_name created.', array('@style_name' => $new_style['name'])));

    $edit = array(
      'new' => 'image_example_colorize',
    $this->drupalPost('admin/config/media/image-styles/edit/' . $new_style['name'], $edit, t('Add'));

    // Verify the 'color' field provided by image_example_colorize_form()
    // appears on the effect configuration page. And that we can fill it out.
    $this->assertField('data[color]', t('Color field provided by image_example_effect_colorize_form is present on effect configuration page.'));
    $edit = array(
      'data[color]' => '#000000',
    $this->drupalPost(NULL, $edit, t('Add effect'));
    $this->assertText(t('The image effect was successfully applied.'), t('Colorize effect added to @style_name.', array('@style_name' => $new_style['name'])));

    // Set the variable 'image_example_style_name' to the name of our new style
    // then rename the style and ensure the variable name is changed.

    // @todo Enable this block once is fixed.
    if (defined('bug_713872_fixed')) {
      $style = image_style_load($new_style['name']);
      variable_set('image_example_style_name', $style['name']);
      $style['name'] = drupal_strtolower($this->randomName());
      $style = image_style_save($style);
      $variable = variable_get('image_example_style_name', '');
      $this->assertTrue(($variable == $style['name']), t('Variable image_example_style_name successfully updated when renaming image style.'));

   * Tests for image block provided by module.
  function testImageExamplePage() {
    // Login the admin user.
    $this->drupalCreateNode(array('promote' => 1));

    // Upload an image to the image page.
    $images = $this->drupalGetTestFiles('image');
    $edit = array(
      'files[image_example_image_fid]' => drupal_realpath($images[0]->uri),
      'image_example_style_name' => 'image_example_style',
    $this->drupalPost('image_example/styles', $edit, t('Save'));
    $this->assertText(t('The image @image_name was uploaded', array('@image_name' => $images[0]->filename)), t('Image uploaded to image block.'));

    // Verify the image is displayed.
    $fid = variable_get('image_example_image_fid', FALSE);
    $image = isset($fid) ? file_load($fid) : NULL;
    $this->assertRaw(file_uri_target($image->uri), t('Image is displayed'));