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Demonstrates uses of the Menu APIs in Drupal.

The Page Example module also talks about the menu system, as well as how to use menu arguments to generate pages.

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Functions & methods

menu_example_arg_optional_loadLoads an item based on its $id.
menu_example_arg_optional_to_argA to_arg() function is used to provide a default for the arg in the wildcard. The purpose is to provide a menu link that will function if no argument is given. For example, in the case of the menu…
menu_example_id_loadThe special _load function to load menu_example.
menu_example_menuImplements hook_menu().
menu_example_menu_alterImplements hook_menu_alter().
menu_example_menu_link_alterImplements hook_menu_link_alter().
menu_example_permissionImplements hook_permission() to provide a demonstration access string.
menu_example_user_page_titleTitle callback to rename the title dynamically, based on user_page_title().
_menu_example_basic_instructionsPage callback for the simplest introduction menu entry.
_menu_example_mappingsUtility function to provide mappings from integers to some strings. This would normally be some database lookup to get an object or array from a key.
_menu_example_menu_pagePage callback for use with most of the menu entries. The arguments it receives determine what it outputs.
_menu_example_simple_title_callbackTitle callback to rewrite the '/user' menu link.

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