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Example using NodeAPI.

This is an example demonstrating how a module can be used to extend existing node types.

hook_nodeapi() has been replaced in Drupal 7 with a set of different hooks providing the same or improved functionality. See the NodeAPI hooks list at api.drupal.org (linked below).

We will add the ability for each node to have a "rating," which will be a number from one to five. The rating will be tracked using the revision system also, so every node revision may have different rating values.

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Functions & methods

nodeapi_example_form_alterImplements hook_form_alter().
nodeapi_example_node_deleteImplements hook_node_delete().
nodeapi_example_node_insertImplements hook_node_insert().
nodeapi_example_node_loadImplements hook_node_load().
nodeapi_example_node_updateImplements hook_node_update().
nodeapi_example_node_validateImplements hook_node_validate().
nodeapi_example_node_viewImplements hook_view().
nodeapi_example_schemaImplements hook_schema().
nodeapi_example_themeImplements hook_theme().
nodeapi_example_uninstallImplements hook_uninstall().
theme_nodeapi_example_ratingA custom theme function.

examples/nodeapi_example/nodeapi_example.module, line 9