actions.incThis is the actions engine for executing stored actions.
aggregator-feed-source.tpl.phpaggregator-feed-source.tpl.php Default theme implementation to present the source of the feed.
aggregator-item.tpl.phpaggregator-item.tpl.php Default theme implementation to format an individual feed item for display on the aggregator page.
aggregator-summary-item.tpl.phpaggregator-summary-item.tpl.php Default theme implementation to present a linked feed item for summaries.
aggregator-summary-items.tpl.phpaggregator-summary-items.tpl.php Default theme implementation to present feeds as list items.
aggregator-wrapper.tpl.phpcomment-wrapper.tpl.php Default theme implementation to wrap aggregator content.
aggregator.admin.incAdmin page callbacks for the aggregator module.
aggregator.moduleUsed to aggregate syndicated content (RSS, RDF, and Atom).
aggregator.pages.incUser page callbacks for the aggregator module.
ahah_example.moduleDemo of some varieties of AHAH in Drupal 6. A tutorial based on this module is at
ahah_example_simple_validation.incDemonstrate validation of a textfield using AHAH. This approach allows 'live' validation of a field which degrades gracefully when JavaScript is not available.
autocheckboxes.incA Self-configure a form based on a select control. Add the number of checkboxes specified in the select.
autotextfields.incShow/hide textfields based on checkbox clicks.
batch.incBatch processing API for processes to run in multiple HTTP requests.
batch_example.installBatch example module's install and uninstall code.
batch_example.moduleThis is an example outlining how a module can define batches.
block-admin-display-form.tpl.phpblock-admin-display-form.tpl.php Default theme implementation to configure blocks.
block.admin.incAdmin page callbacks for the block module.
block.moduleControls the boxes that are displayed around the main content.
block_example.installInstall, update and uninstall functions for the block_example module.
block_example.moduleThis is an example outlining how a module can define blocks to be displayed on each page.
blog.moduleEnables keeping an easily and regularly updated web page or a blog.
blog.pages.incPage callback file for the blog module.
blogapi.moduleEnable users to post using applications that support XML-RPC blog APIs.
book-all-books-block.tpl.phpbook-all-books-block.tpl.php Default theme implementation for rendering book outlines within a block. This template is used only when the block is configured to "show block on all pages" which presents Multiple independent books on all pages.
book-export-html.tpl.phpbook-export-html.tpl.php Default theme implementation for printed version of book outline.
book-navigation.tpl.phpbook-navigation.tpl.php Default theme implementation to navigate books. Presented under nodes that are a part of book outlines.
book-node-export-html.tpl.phpbook-node-export-html.tpl.php Default theme implementation for rendering a single node in a printer friendly outline.
book.admin.incAdmin page callbacks for the book module.
book.moduleAllows users to structure the pages of a site in a hierarchy or outline.
book.pages.incUser page callbacks for the book module.
bootstrap.incFunctions that need to be loaded on every Drupal request.
chameleon.themeA slim, CSS-driven theme which does not depend on a template engine like phptemplate
CHANGELOG.txtDrupal 6.23-dev, xxxx-xx-xx (development release) ----------------------