aaa_update_test.moduleDummy module for testing Update status.
accordion.tpl.phpTemplate file for js_example module.
actions.incThis is the actions engine for executing stored actions.
action_example.moduleAction definition example module.
action_example.testtest file for action_example module.
aggregator-feed-source.tpl.phpDefault theme implementation to present the source of the feed.
aggregator-item.tpl.phpDefault theme implementation to format an individual feed item for display on the aggregator page.
aggregator-summary-item.tpl.phpDefault theme implementation to present a linked feed item for summaries.
aggregator-summary-items.tpl.phpDefault theme implementation to present feeds as list items.
aggregator-wrapper.tpl.phpDefault theme implementation to wrap aggregator content.
aggregator.admin.incAdmin page callbacks for the aggregator module.
aggregator.api.phpDocumentation for aggregator API.
aggregator.fetcher.incFetcher functions for the aggregator module.
aggregator.installInstall, update and uninstall functions for the aggregator module.
aggregator.moduleUsed to aggregate syndicated content (RSS, RDF, and Atom).
aggregator.pages.incUser page callbacks for the aggregator module.
aggregator.parser.incParser functions for the aggregator module.
aggregator.processor.incProcessor functions for the aggregator module.
aggregator.testTests for aggregator.module.
ajax.incFunctions for use with Drupal's Ajax framework.
ajax_example.moduleAJAX Examples module file with basic examples.
ajax_example.testTest ajax example module.
ajax_example_advanced.incAJAX Commands examples.
ajax_example_graceful_degradation.incDemonstrations of AJAX with graceful degradation.
ajax_example_misc.incAJAX Miscellaneous Topics.
ajax_forms_test.moduleSimpletest mock module for Ajax forms testing.
ajax_test.moduleHelper module for Ajax framework tests.
archiver.incShared classes and interfaces for the archiver system.
authorize.incHelper functions and form handlers used for the authorize.php script.
authorize.phpAdministrative script for running authorized file operations.
batch.incBatch processing API for processes to run in multiple HTTP requests.
batch.queue.incQueue handlers used by the Batch API.
batch.testTests for the Batch API.
batch_example.installInstall, update, and uninstall functions for the batch_example module.
batch_example.moduleOutlines how a module can use the Batch API.
batch_example.testTest case for Testing the batch example module.
batch_test.callbacks.incBatch callbacks for the Batch API tests.
batch_test.moduleHelper module for the Batch API tests.
bbb_update_test.moduleDummy module for testing Update status.
block-admin-display-form.tpl.phpDefault theme implementation to configure blocks.
block.admin.incAdmin page callbacks for the block module.
block.api.phpHooks provided by the Block module.
block.installInstall, update and uninstall functions for the block module.
block.moduleControls the visual building blocks a page is constructed with.
block.testTests for block.module.