entity_query.testUnit test file for the entity API.
errors.incFunctions for error handling
example.sites.phpConfiguration file for Drupal's multi-site directory aliasing feature.
examples.index.phpExample modules
examples.moduleThis file serves as a stub file for the many Examples modules in the Examples for Developers Project which you can download and experiment with.
field.attach.incField attach API, allowing entities (nodes, users, ...) to be 'fieldable'.
field.crud.incField CRUD API, handling field and field instance creation and deletion.
field.default.incDefault 'implementations' of hook_field_*(): common field housekeeping.
field.form.incField forms management. Info API, providing information about available fields and field types.
field.installInstall, update and uninstall functions for the field module.
field.moduleAttach custom data fields to Drupal entities.
field.multilingual.incFunctions implementing Field API multilingual support.
field.testTests for field.module.
field.tpl.phpfield.tpl.php Default template implementation to display the value of a field.
field_example.installInstall, update, and uninstall functions for the field_example module.
field_example.moduleAn example field using the Field Types API.
field_example.testTests for Field Example.
field_sql_storage.installInstall, update and uninstall functions for the field_sql_storage module.
field_sql_storage.moduleDefault implementation of the field storage API.
field_sql_storage.testTests for field_sql_storage.module.
field_test.entity.incDefines an entity type.
field_test.field.incDefines a field type and its formatters and widgets.
field_test.installInstall, update and uninstall functions for the field_test module.
field_test.moduleHelper module for the Field API tests. a field storage backend.
field_ui.admin.incAdministrative interface for custom field type creation.
field_ui.api.phpHooks provided by the Field UI module.
field_ui.moduleAllows administrators to associate custom fields to fieldable types.
field_ui.testTests for field_ui.module.
file.api.phpHooks for file module.
file.field.incField module functionality for the File module.
file.incAPI for handling file uploads and server file management.
file.installInstall, update and uninstall functions for File module.
file.mimetypes.incProvides mimetype mappings.
file.moduleDefines a "managed_file" Form API field and a "file" field for Field module.
file.testThis provides SimpleTests for the core file handling functionality. These include FileValidateTest and FileSaveTest.
file.testTests for file.module.
file_example.moduleExamples demonstrating the Drupal File API (and Stream Wrappers).
file_example.testTests for File Example.
file_example_session_streams.incProvides a demonstration session:// streamwrapper.
file_module_test.moduleProvides File module pages for testing purposes.