NameDescription toolkit for image manipulation within Drupal.
image.incAPI for manipulating images.
image.installInstall, update and uninstall functions for the image module.
image.moduleExposes global functionality for creating image styles.
image.testTests for image.module.
image.testTests for core image handling API.
image_example.installInstall, update, and uninstall functions for the image_example module.
image_example.moduleModule file for image_example
image_example.pages.incPage/form showing image styles in use.
image_example.testTest case for testing the image example module.
image_module_test.moduleProvides Image module hook implementations for testing purposes.
image_test.moduleHelper module for the image tests.
index.phpThe PHP page that serves all page requests on a Drupal installation.
install.core.incAPI functions for installing Drupal.
install.incInstall functions for PostgreSQL embedded database engine.
install.incSQLite specific install functions
install.incInstallation code for MySQL embedded database engine.
INSTALL.mysql.txtCREATE THE MySQL DATABASE --------------------------
INSTALL.pgsql.txtCREATE THE PostgreSQL DATABASE ------------------------------
install.phpInitiates a browser-based installation of Drupal.
INSTALL.sqlite.txtSQLITE REQUIREMENTS -------------------
INSTALL.txtCONTENTS OF THIS FILE ---------------------
iso.incProvides a list of countries and languages based on ISO standards.
javascript-1.txt<script> alert('SimpleTest PHP was executed!'); </script>
js_example.moduleExamples showing how to use some of the new JavaScript features in Drupal 7.
language.incMultiple language handling functionality.
list.installInstall, update and uninstall functions for the list module.
list.moduleDefines list field types that can be used with the Options module.
list.testTests for list.module.
list_test.moduleHelper module for the List module tests.
locale.admin.incAdministration functions for locale.module.
locale.api.phpHooks provided by the Locale module.
locale.incAdministration functions for locale.module.
locale.installInstall, update and uninstall functions for the locale module.
locale.moduleAdd language handling functionality and enables the translation of the user interface to languages other than English.
locale.testTests for locale.module.
locale_test.moduleMock module for locale layer tests.
lock.incA database-mediated implementation of a locking mechanism.
log.incLogging classes for the database layer.
mail.incAPI functions for processing and sending e-mail.
mail.testTest the Drupal mailing system.
MAINTAINERS.txtDrupal core is maintained by the community. To participate, go to
maintenance-page.tpl.phpDefault theme implementation to display a single Drupal page while offline.
maintenance-page.tpl.phpOverride of the default maintenance page.