ActionsFunctions that perform an action on a certain system object.
Ajax frameworkFunctions for Drupal's Ajax framework.
Ajax framework commandsFunctions to create various Ajax commands.
Authorized operationsFunctions to run operations with elevated privileges via authorize.php.
Automatic interface translation importFunctions to create batches for importing translations.
Batch operationsCreate and process batch operations.
Code registryThe code registry engine.
Content markersMarkers used by theme_mark() and node_mark() to designate content.
Database abstraction layerAllow the use of different database servers using the same code base.
Default theme implementationsFunctions and templates for the user interface to be implemented by themes.
Example: ActionCreating actions in Drupal 7
Example: AJAXThese examples show basic AJAX concepts.
Example: AJAX Graceful DegradationThese examples show AJAX with graceful degradation when Javascript is not available.
Example: Batch APIOutlines how a module can use the Batch API.
Example: BlockDemonstrates code creation of blocks.
Example: Database (DBTNG)Database examples, including DBTNG.
Example: EmailExample of how to use Drupal's mail API.
Example: Field Types APIExamples using Field Types API.
Example: FilesExamples demonstrating the Drupal File API (and Stream Wrappers).
Example: FilterDemonstrates the creation of filters.
Example: Form APIExamples demonstrating the Drupal Form API.
Example: ImageDemonstrates the basic use of image API.
Example: JavaScriptExamples using Drupal 7's built-in JavaScript.
Example: MenuDemonstrates uses of the Menu APIs in Drupal.
Example: NodeExample defining a node type in code.
Example: Node AccessDemonstrates node access.
Example: NodeAPIExample using NodeAPI.
Example: PageThis example demonstrates how a module can display a page at a given URL.
Example: QueueDemonstrating the Queue API
Example: RenderDemonstrate how render arrays are arranged and how they can be altered. This alters blocks and the page to show the actual render array that is being used to create each item.
Example: SimpletestAn example of simpletest tests to accompany the tutorial at
Example: Token APIExamples using the Token API.
Example: TriggerTrigger definition example module.
Example: Vertical TabsDemonstrates the vertical tabs functionality provided by Drupal 7.
Example: XML-RPCDemonstration of XML-RPC in Drupal 7.
ExamplesWell-documented API examples for a broad range of Drupal 7 core functionality.
Extra system updates for 7.x
Extra updates for 7.x
Field APIAttach custom data fields to Drupal entities.
Field API bulk data deletionClean up after Field API bulk deletion operations.
Field Attach APIOperate on Field API data attached to Drupal entities.
Field CRUD APICreate, update, and delete Field API fields, bundles, and instances.
Field Info APIObtain information about Field API configuration.
Field Language APIHandling of multilingual fields.
Field Storage APIImplement a storage engine for Field API data.
Field Types APIDefine field types, widget types, display formatter types, storage types.
File interfaceCommon file handling functions.
File module public API functionsThese functions may be used to determine if and where a file is in use.
Form builder functionsFunctions that build an abstract representation of a HTML form.
Form generationFunctions to enable the processing and display of HTML forms.