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6 – 7 actions_list($reset = FALSE)

Discovers all available actions by invoking hook_action_info().

This function contrasts with actions_get_all_actions(); see the documentation of actions_get_all_actions() for an explanation.


$reset Reset the action info static cache.

Return value

An associative array keyed on action function name, with the same format as the return value of hook_action_info(), containing all modules' hook_action_info() return values as modified by any hook_action_info_alter() implementations.

See also


▾ 7 functions call actions_list()

actions_do in includes/
Performs a given list of actions by executing their callback functions.
actions_function_lookup in includes/
Given a hash of an action array key, returns the key (function or ID).
actions_synchronize in includes/
Synchronizes actions that are provided by modules in hook_action_info().
system_actions_configure in modules/system/
Menu callback; Creates the form for configuration of a single action.
system_actions_manage in modules/system/
Menu callback; Displays an overview of available and configured actions.
trigger_assign_form in modules/trigger/
Returns the form for assigning an action to a trigger.
trigger_assign_form_submit in modules/trigger/
Submit function for trigger_assign_form().


includes/, line 160

function actions_list($reset = FALSE) {
  $actions = &drupal_static(__FUNCTION__);
  if (!isset($actions) || $reset) {
    $actions = module_invoke_all('action_info');
    drupal_alter('action_info', $actions);

  // See module_implements() for an explanation of this cast.
  return (array) $actions;