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6 actions_save($function, $type, $params, $desc, $aid = NULL)
8 – 7 actions_save($function, $type, $params, $label, $aid = NULL)

Saves an action and its user-supplied parameter values to the database.


$function The name of the function to be called when this action is performed.

$type The type of action, to describe grouping and/or context, e.g., 'node', 'user', 'comment', or 'system'.

$params An associative array with parameter names as keys and parameter values as values.

$label A user-supplied label of this particular action, e.g., 'Send e-mail to Jim'.

$aid The ID of this action. If omitted, a new action is created.

Return value

The ID of the action.


includes/, line 338

function actions_save($function, $type, $params, $label, $aid = NULL) {
  // aid is the callback for singleton actions so we need to keep a separate
  // table for numeric aids.
  if (!$aid) {
    $aid = db_next_id();

    ->key(array('aid' => $aid))
    'callback' => $function, 
    'type' => $type, 
    'parameters' => serialize($params), 
    'label' => $label,

  watchdog('actions', 'Action %action saved.', array('%action' => $label));
  return $aid;