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Functions that perform an action on a certain system object.

Action functions are declared by modules by implementing hook_action_info(). Modules can cause action functions to run by calling actions_do(), and trigger.module provides a user interface that lets administrators define events that cause action functions to run.

Each action function takes two to four arguments:

  • $entity: The object that the action acts on, such as a node, comment, or user.
  • $context: Array of additional information about what triggered the action.
  • $a1, $a2: Optional additional information, which can be passed into actions_do() and will be passed along to the action function.

End of "defgroup actions".

Functions & methods

actions_doPerforms a given list of actions by executing their callback functions.
comment_publish_actionPublishes a comment.
comment_save_actionSaves a comment.
comment_unpublish_actionUnpublishes a comment.
comment_unpublish_by_keyword_actionUnpublishes a comment if it contains certain keywords.
hook_action_infoDeclares information about actions.
node_assign_owner_actionAssigns ownership of a node to a user.
node_make_sticky_actionSets the sticky-at-top-of-list property of a node to 1.
node_make_unsticky_actionSets the sticky-at-top-of-list property of a node to 0.
node_promote_actionSets the promote property of a node to 1.
node_publish_actionSets the status of a node to 1 (published).
node_save_actionSaves a node.
node_unpromote_actionSets the promote property of a node to 0.
node_unpublish_actionSets the status of a node to 0 (unpublished).
node_unpublish_by_keyword_actionUnpublishes a node containing certain keywords.
system_block_ip_actionBlocks the current user's IP address.
system_goto_actionRedirects to a different URL.
system_message_actionSends a message to the current user's screen.
system_send_email_actionSends an e-mail message.
user_block_user_actionBlocks the current user.

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