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Batch queue implementation used for non-progressive batches.


Functions & methods

BatchMemoryQueue::getAllItemsRetrieve all remaining items in the queue.
MemoryQueue::createItemAdd a queue item and store it directly to the queue. Overrides DrupalQueueInterface::createItem
MemoryQueue::createQueueCreate a queue. Overrides DrupalQueueInterface::createQueue
MemoryQueue::deleteItemDelete a finished item from the queue. Overrides DrupalQueueInterface::deleteItem
MemoryQueue::deleteQueueDelete a queue and every item in the queue. Overrides DrupalQueueInterface::deleteQueue
MemoryQueue::numberOfItemsRetrieve the number of items in the queue. Overrides DrupalQueueInterface::numberOfItems
MemoryQueue::releaseItemRelease an item that the worker could not process, so another worker can come in and process it before the timeout expires. Overrides DrupalQueueInterface::releaseItem
MemoryQueue::__constructStart working with a queue. Overrides DrupalQueueInterface::__construct


MemoryQueue::$id_sequenceCounter for item ids.
MemoryQueue::$queueThe queue data.

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class BatchMemoryQueue extends MemoryQueue {

  public function claimItem($lease_time = 0) {
    if (!empty($this->queue)) {
      return current($this->queue);
    return FALSE;

   * Retrieve all remaining items in the queue.
   * This is specific to Batch API and is not part of the DrupalQueueInterface,
  public function getAllItems() {
    $result = array();
    foreach ($this->queue as $item) {
      $result[] = $item->data;
    return $result;