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7 – 8 &drupal_register_shutdown_function($callback = NULL)

Register a function for execution on shutdown.

Wrapper for register_shutdown_function() that catches thrown exceptions to avoid "Exception thrown without a stack frame in Unknown".


$callback The shutdown function to register.

... Additional arguments to pass to the shutdown function.

Return value

Array of shutdown functions to be executed.

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includes/bootstrap.inc, line 3203

function &drupal_register_shutdown_function($callback = NULL) {
  // We cannot use drupal_static() here because the static cache is reset during
  // batch processing, which breaks batch handling.
  static $callbacks = array();

  if (isset($callback)) {
    // Only register the internal shutdown function once.
    if (empty($callbacks)) {
    $args = func_get_args();
    // Save callback and arguments
    $callbacks[] = array(
      'callback' => $callback,
      'arguments' => $args,
  return $callbacks;