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5 watchdog($type, $message, $severity = WATCHDOG_NOTICE, $link = NULL)
6 – 7 watchdog($type, $message, $variables = array(), $severity = WATCHDOG_NOTICE, $link = NULL)

Log a system message.


$type The category to which this message belongs. Can be any string, but the general practice is to use the name of the module calling watchdog().

$message The message to store in the log. Keep $message translatable by not concatenating dynamic values into it! Variables in the message should be added by using placeholder strings alongside the variables argument to declare the value of the placeholders. See t() for documentation on how $message and $variables interact.

$variables Array of variables to replace in the message on display or NULL if message is already translated or not possible to translate.

$severity The severity of the message, as per RFC 3164. Possible values are WATCHDOG_ERROR, WATCHDOG_WARNING, etc.

$link A link to associate with the message.

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▾ 122 functions call watchdog()

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Save a string to the specified destination and create a database file entry.
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Delete a file without calling any hooks or making any changes to the database.
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Image effect callback; Crop an image resource.
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Image effect callback; Resize an image resource.
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Image effect callback; Rotate an image resource.
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Image effect callback; Scale and crop an image resource.
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Image effect callback; Scale an image resource.
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Creates a new image derivative based on an image style.
image_style_deliver in modules/image/image.module
Menu callback; Given a style and image path, generate a derivative.
image_toolkit_invoke in includes/
Invokes the given method using the currently selected toolkit.
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API function to add a language.
locale_languages_delete_form_submit in modules/locale/
Process language deletion submissions.
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Validate string editing form submissions.
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Delete a custom menu and all links in it.
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Process menu delete form submissions.
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Enables or installs a given list of modules.
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Execute node deletion
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Sets the sticky-at-top-of-list property of a node to 1.
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Sets the sticky-at-top-of-list property of a node to 0.
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Sets the promote property of a node to 1.
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node_revision_revert_confirm_submit in modules/node/
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Saves a node.
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Process content type delete confirm submissions.
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Form submission handler for node_type_form().
node_unpromote_action in modules/node/node.module
Sets the promote property of a node to 0.
node_unpublish_action in modules/node/node.module
Sets the status of a node to 0 (unpublished).
node_unpublish_by_keyword_action in modules/node/node.module
Unpublishes a node containing certain keywords.
openid_verify_assertion_nonce in modules/openid/openid.module
Verify that the nonce has not been used in earlier assertions from the same OpenID provider.
profile_field_delete_submit in modules/profile/
Process a field delete form submission.
profile_field_form_submit in modules/profile/
Process profile_field_form submissions.
search_view in modules/search/
Menu callback; presents the search form and/or search results.
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Process system_actions_delete form submissions.
system_block_ip_action in modules/system/system.module
Blocks the current user's IP address.
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Checks the existence of the directory specified in $form_element.
system_cron in modules/system/system.module
Implements hook_cron().
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Process system_ip_blocking_delete form submissions.
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Sends an e-mail message.
system_test_boot in modules/simpletest/tests/system_test.module
Implements hook_boot().
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Implements hook_exit().
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Submit handler to insert or update a term.
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Form submission handler for taxonomy_form_vocabulary().
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Submit handler to delete a term after confirmation.
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Submit handler to delete a vocabulary after confirmation.
taxonomy_vocabulary_confirm_reset_alphabetical_submit in modules/taxonomy/
Submit handler to reset a vocabulary to alphabetical order after confirmation.
theme in includes/
Generates themed output.
tracker_cron in modules/tracker/tracker.module
Implements hook_cron().
trigger_unassign_submit in modules/trigger/
Submit callback for trigger_unassign() form.
update_access_denied_page in ./update.php
user_admin_settings in modules/user/
Form builder; Configure user settings for this site.
user_block_user_action in modules/user/user.module
Blocks the current user.
user_cancel in modules/user/user.module
Cancel a user account.
user_cancel_confirm_form_submit in modules/user/
Submit handler for the account cancellation confirm form.
user_login_finalize in modules/user/user.module
Finalize the login process. Must be called when logging in a user.
user_login_final_validate in modules/user/user.module
The final validation handler on the login form.
user_logout in modules/user/
Menu callback; logs the current user out, and redirects to the home page.
user_pass_reset in modules/user/
Menu callback; process one time login link and redirects to the user page on success.
user_pass_submit in modules/user/
user_register_submit in modules/user/user.module
Submit handler for the user registration form.
user_user_operations in modules/user/user.module
Implements hook_user_operations().
watchdog_exception in includes/
Log an exception.
_drupal_log_error in includes/
Log a PHP error or exception, display an error page in fatal cases.
_form_validate in includes/
Performs validation on form elements. First ensures required fields are completed, #maxlength is not exceeded, and selected options were in the list of options given to the user. Then calls user-defined validators.
_locale_export_po in includes/
Write a generated PO or POT file to the output.
_locale_import_po in includes/
Parses Gettext Portable Object file information and inserts into database
_locale_rebuild_js in includes/
(Re-)Creates the JavaScript translation file for a language.
_node_query_node_access_alter in modules/node/node.module
Helper for node access functions.
_user_cancel in modules/user/user.module
Last batch processing step for cancelling a user account.


includes/, line 1653

function watchdog($type, $message, $variables = array(), $severity = WATCHDOG_NOTICE, $link = NULL) {
  global $user, $base_root;

  static $in_error_state = FALSE;

  // It is possible that the error handling will itself trigger an error. In that case, we could
  // end up in an infinite loop. To avoid that, we implement a simple static semaphore.
  if (!$in_error_state && function_exists('module_implements')) {
    $in_error_state = TRUE;

    // Prepare the fields to be logged
    $log_entry = array(
      'type' => $type, 
      'message' => $message, 
      'variables' => $variables, 
      'severity' => $severity, 
      'link' => $link, 
      'user' => $user, 
      'request_uri' => $base_root . request_uri(), 
      'referer' => isset($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']) ? $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] : '', 
      'ip' => ip_address(), 
      'timestamp' => REQUEST_TIME,

    // Call the logging hooks to log/process the message
    foreach (module_implements('watchdog') as $module) {
      module_invoke($module, 'watchdog', $log_entry);

    // It is critical that the semaphore is only cleared here, in the parent
    // watchdog() call (not outside the loop), to prevent recursive execution.
    $in_error_state = FALSE;