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5 – 8 drupal_get_html_head()

Retrieve output to be displayed in the HEAD tag of the HTML page.

▾ 4 functions call drupal_get_html_head()

DrupalAddFeedTestCase::testBasicFeedAddNoTitle in modules/simpletest/tests/common.test
Test drupal_add_feed() with paths, URLs, and titles.
template_preprocess_book_export_html in modules/book/book.module
Process variables for book-export-html.tpl.php.
template_process_html in includes/theme.inc
Process variables for html.tpl.php
template_process_maintenance_page in includes/theme.inc
The variables array generated here is a mirror of template_process_html(). This processor will run its course when theme_maintenance_page() is invoked.


includes/common.inc, line 338

function drupal_get_html_head() {
  $elements = drupal_add_html_head();
  drupal_alter('html_head', $elements);
  return drupal_render($elements);