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5 – 6 db_query($query)
8 – 7 db_query($query, array $args = array(), array $options = array())

Executes an arbitrary query string against the active database.

Use this function for SELECT queries if it is just a simple query string. If the caller or other modules need to change the query, use db_select() instead.

Do not use this function for INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE queries. Those should be handled via db_insert(), db_update() and db_delete() respectively.


$query The prepared statement query to run. Although it will accept both named and unnamed placeholders, named placeholders are strongly preferred as they are more self-documenting.

$args An array of values to substitute into the query. If the query uses named placeholders, this is an associative array in any order. If the query uses unnamed placeholders (?), this is an indexed array and the order must match the order of placeholders in the query string.

$options An array of options to control how the query operates.

Return value

DatabaseStatementInterface A prepared statement object, already executed.

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▾ 446 functions call db_query()

ActionLoopTestCase::triggerActions in modules/simpletest/tests/actions.test
Create an infinite loop by causing a watchdog message to be set, which causes the actions to be triggered again, up to actions_max_stack times.
ActionsConfigurationTestCase::testActionConfiguration in modules/simpletest/tests/actions.test
Test the configuration of advanced actions through the administration interface.
actions_do in includes/actions.inc
Performs a given list of actions by executing their callback functions.
actions_function_lookup in includes/actions.inc
Given a hash of an action array key, returns the key (function or ID).
actions_get_all_actions in includes/actions.inc
Retrieves all action instances from the database.
actions_load in includes/actions.inc
Retrieves a single action from the database.
actions_synchronize in includes/actions.inc
Synchronizes actions that are provided by modules in hook_action_info().
AggregatorCronTestCase::testCron in modules/aggregator/aggregator.test
Add feeds update them on cron.
AggregatorTestCase::createFeed in modules/aggregator/aggregator.test
Create an aggregator feed (simulate form submission on admin/config/services/aggregator/add/feed).
AggregatorTestCase::getCategories in modules/aggregator/aggregator.test
Pull categories from aggregator_category table.
AggregatorTestCase::getFeedCategories in modules/aggregator/aggregator.test
Pull feed categories from aggregator_category_feed table.
AggregatorTestCase::uniqueFeed in modules/aggregator/aggregator.test
Check if the feed name and url is unique.
AggregatorTestCase::updateAndRemove in modules/aggregator/aggregator.test
Add and remove feed items and ensure that the count is zero.
AggregatorTestCase::updateFeedItems in modules/aggregator/aggregator.test
Update feed items (simulate click to admin/config/services/aggregator/update/$fid).
aggregator_aggregator_process in modules/aggregator/aggregator.processor.inc
Implements hook_aggregator_process().
aggregator_aggregator_remove in modules/aggregator/aggregator.processor.inc
Implements hook_aggregator_remove().
aggregator_block_configure in modules/aggregator/aggregator.module
Implements hook_block_configure().
aggregator_block_info in modules/aggregator/aggregator.module
Implements hook_block_info().
aggregator_block_view in modules/aggregator/aggregator.module
Implements hook_block_view().
aggregator_categorize_items in modules/aggregator/aggregator.pages.inc
Form builder; build the page list form.
aggregator_category_load in modules/aggregator/aggregator.module
Load an aggregator category.
aggregator_cron in modules/aggregator/aggregator.module
Implements hook_cron().
aggregator_expire in modules/aggregator/aggregator.processor.inc
Expire feed items on $feed that are older than aggregator_clear.
aggregator_feed_items_load in modules/aggregator/aggregator.pages.inc
Load feed items
aggregator_feed_load in modules/aggregator/aggregator.module
Load an aggregator feed.
aggregator_form_category_validate in modules/aggregator/aggregator.admin.inc
Validate aggregator_form_feed form submissions.
aggregator_form_feed in modules/aggregator/aggregator.admin.inc
Form builder; Generate a form to add/edit feed sources.
aggregator_form_feed_validate in modules/aggregator/aggregator.admin.inc
Validate aggregator_form_feed() form submissions.
aggregator_form_opml in modules/aggregator/aggregator.admin.inc
Form builder; Generate a form to import feeds from OPML.
aggregator_form_opml_submit in modules/aggregator/aggregator.admin.inc
Process aggregator_form_opml form submissions.
aggregator_page_categories in modules/aggregator/aggregator.pages.inc
Menu callback; displays all the categories used by the aggregator.
aggregator_page_opml in modules/aggregator/aggregator.pages.inc
Menu callback; generates an OPML representation of all feeds.
aggregator_page_rss in modules/aggregator/aggregator.pages.inc
Menu callback; generate an RSS 0.92 feed of aggregator items or categories.
aggregator_page_sources in modules/aggregator/aggregator.pages.inc
Menu callback; displays all the feeds used by the aggregator.
aggregator_save_feed in modules/aggregator/aggregator.module
Add/edit/delete an aggregator feed.
aggregator_save_item in modules/aggregator/aggregator.processor.inc
Add/edit/delete an aggregator item.
aggregator_view in modules/aggregator/aggregator.admin.inc
Displays the aggregator administration page.
BasicUpgradePath::testBasicUpgrade in modules/simpletest/tests/upgrade/upgrade.test
Test a successful upgrade.
BatchQueue::getAllItems in includes/batch.queue.inc
Retrieve all remaining items in the queue.
batch_example_batch_2 in examples/batch_example/batch_example.module
Batch 2 : Prepare a batch definition that will load all nodes 20 times.
batch_example_op_2 in examples/batch_example/batch_example.module
Batch operation for batch 2 : load all nodes, 5 by five After each group of 5 control is returned to the batch API for later continuation.
batch_example_update_7100 in examples/batch_example/batch_example.install
Example of batch-driven update function.
batch_load in includes/batch.inc
Loads a batch from the database.
BlockCacheTestCase::setCacheMode in modules/block/block.test
Private helper method to set the test block's cache mode.
blocked_ip_load in modules/system/system.module
Retrieve a blocked IP address from the database.
BlockTestCase::testBlock in modules/block/block.test
Test configuring and moving a module-define block to specific regions.
BlockTestCase::testBlockRehash in modules/block/block.test
Test _block_rehash().
BlockTestCase::testBlockVisibility in modules/block/block.test
Test block visibility.
BlockTestCase::testBlockVisibilityListedEmpty in modules/block/block.test
Test block visibility when using "pages" restriction but leaving "pages" textarea empty
BlockTestCase::testBlockVisibilityPerUser in modules/block/block.test
Test user customization of block visibility.
BlockTestCase::testCustomBlock in modules/block/block.test
Test creating custom block, moving it to a specific region and then deleting it.
BlockTestCase::testCustomBlockFormat in modules/block/block.test
Test creating custom block using Full HTML.
block_admin_configure in modules/block/block.admin.inc
Form builder for the block configuration form.
block_block_info in modules/block/block.module
Implements hook_block_info().
block_block_list_alter in modules/block/block.module
Implements hook_block_list_alter().
block_block_view in modules/block/block.module
Implements hook_block_view().
block_custom_block_get in modules/block/block.module
Returns information from database about a user-created (custom) block.
block_flush_caches in modules/block/block.module
Implements hook_flush_caches().
block_form_user_profile_form_alter in modules/block/block.module
Implements hook_form_FORM_ID_alter().
block_load in modules/block/block.module
Load a block object from the database.
block_theme_initialize in modules/block/block.module
Assign an initial, default set of blocks for a theme.
block_update_7004 in modules/block/block.install
Add new blocks to new regions, migrate custom variables to blocks.
block_update_7005 in modules/block/block.install
Update the {block_custom}.format column.
book_get_books in modules/book/book.module
Returns an array of all books.
book_link_load in modules/book/book.module
Like menu_link_load(), but adds additional data from the {book} table.
book_node_delete in modules/book/book.module
Implements hook_node_delete().
book_node_load in modules/book/book.module
Implements hook_node_load().
CategorizeFeedItemTestCase::testCategorizeFeedItem in modules/aggregator/aggregator.test
If a feed has a category, make sure that the children inherit that categorization.
CategorizeFeedTestCase::testCategorizeFeed in modules/aggregator/aggregator.test
Create a feed and make sure you can add more than one category to it.
color_update_7001 in modules/color/color.install
Warn site administrator if unsafe CSS color codes are found in the database.
CommentInterfaceTest::setEnvironment in modules/comment/comment.test
Re-configures the environment, module settings, and user permissions.
comment_count_unpublished in modules/comment/comment.module
Returns a menu title which includes the number of unapproved comments.
comment_delete_multiple in modules/comment/comment.module
Delete comments and all their replies.
comment_form_node_form_alter in modules/comment/comment.module
Implements hook_form_BASE_FORM_ID_alter().
comment_multiple_delete_confirm in modules/comment/comment.admin.inc
List the selected comments and verify that the admin wants to delete them.
comment_new_page_count in modules/comment/comment.module
Calculate page number for first new comment.
comment_node_delete in modules/comment/comment.module
Implements hook_node_delete().
comment_node_load in modules/comment/comment.module
Implements hook_node_load().
comment_node_search_result in modules/comment/comment.module
Implements hook_node_search_result().
comment_node_update_index in modules/comment/comment.module
Implements hook_node_update_index().
comment_num_new in modules/comment/comment.module
Get number of new comments for current user and specified node.
comment_publish_action in modules/comment/comment.module
Publishes a comment.
comment_reply in modules/comment/comment.pages.inc
This function is responsible for generating a comment reply form. There are several cases that have to be handled, including:
comment_save in modules/comment/comment.module
Accepts a submission of new or changed comment content.
comment_unpublish_action in modules/comment/comment.module
Unpublishes a comment.
comment_update_7001 in modules/comment/comment.install
Change comment status from published being 0 to being 1
comment_update_7003 in modules/comment/comment.install
Split {comment}.timestamp into 'created' and 'changed', improve indexing on {comment}.
comment_update_7006 in modules/comment/comment.install
Migrate data from the comment field to field storage.
comment_update_index in modules/comment/comment.module
Implements hook_update_index().
comment_user_delete in modules/comment/comment.module
Implements hook_user_delete().
ContactPersonalTestCase::testPersonalContactFlood in modules/contact/contact.test
Test the personal contact form flood protection.
ContactSitewideTestCase::deleteCategories in modules/contact/contact.test
Delete all categories.
ContactSitewideTestCase::getCategories in modules/contact/contact.test
Get list category ids.
ContactSitewideTestCase::testSiteWideContact in modules/contact/contact.test
Test configuration options and site-wide contact form.
contact_site_form in modules/contact/contact.pages.inc
Form builder; the site-wide contact form.
dashboard_show_block_content in modules/dashboard/dashboard.module
Ajax callback to display the rendered contents of a specific block.
DatabaseBasicSyntaxTestCase::testBasicConcat in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Test for string concatenation.
DatabaseBasicSyntaxTestCase::testFieldConcat in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Test for string concatenation with field values.
DatabaseDeleteTruncateTestCase::testSimpleDelete in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Confirm that we can delete a single record successfully.
DatabaseDeleteTruncateTestCase::testSubselectDelete in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Confirm that we can use a subselect in a delete successfully.
DatabaseDeleteTruncateTestCase::testTruncate in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Confirm that we can truncate a whole table successfully.
DatabaseFetch2TestCase::testQueryFetchBoth in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Confirm that we can fetch a record into a doubly-keyed array explicitly.
DatabaseFetch2TestCase::testQueryFetchCol in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Confirm that we can fetch an entire column of a result set at once.
DatabaseFetch2TestCase::testQueryFetchNum in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
DatabaseFetchTestCase::testQueryFetchArray in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Confirm that we can fetch a record to an array associative explicitly.
DatabaseFetchTestCase::testQueryFetchClass in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Confirm that we can fetch a record into a new instance of a custom class.
DatabaseFetchTestCase::testQueryFetchDefault in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Confirm that we can fetch a record properly in default object mode.
DatabaseFetchTestCase::testQueryFetchObject in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Confirm that we can fetch a record to an object explicitly.
DatabaseInsertDefaultsTestCase::testDefaultEmptyInsert in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Test that no action will be preformed if no fields are specified.
DatabaseInsertDefaultsTestCase::testDefaultInsert in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Test that we can run a query that is "default values for everything".
DatabaseInsertDefaultsTestCase::testDefaultInsertWithFields in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Test that we can insert fields with values and defaults in the same query.
DatabaseInsertLOBTestCase::testInsertMultipleBlob in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Test that we can insert multiple blob fields in the same query.
DatabaseInsertLOBTestCase::testInsertOneBlob in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Test that we can insert a single blob field successfully.
DatabaseInsertTestCase::testInsertFieldOnlyDefinintion in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Test that we can specify fields without values and specify values later.
DatabaseInsertTestCase::testInsertSelect in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Test that the INSERT INTO ... SELECT ... syntax works.
DatabaseInsertTestCase::testMultiInsert in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Test that we can insert multiple records in one query object.
DatabaseInsertTestCase::testRepeatedInsert in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Test that an insert object can be reused with new data after it executes.
DatabaseInsertTestCase::testSimpleInsert in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Test the very basic insert functionality.
DatabaseInvalidDataTestCase::testInsertDuplicateData in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Traditional SQL database systems abort inserts when invalid data is encountered.
DatabaseLoggingTestCase::testEnableLogging in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Test that we can log the existence of a query.
DatabaseLoggingTestCase::testEnableMultiConnectionLogging in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Test that we can log queries separately on different connections.
DatabaseLoggingTestCase::testEnableMultiLogging in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Test that we can run two logs in parallel.
DatabaseLoggingTestCase::testEnableTargetLogging in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Test that we can log queries against multiple targets on the same connection.
DatabaseLoggingTestCase::testEnableTargetLoggingNoTarget in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Test that logs to separate targets collapse to the same connection properly.
DatabaseMergeTestCase::testMergeInsert in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Confirm that we can merge-insert a record successfully.
DatabaseMergeTestCase::testMergeInsertWithoutUpdate in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Test that we can merge-insert without any update fields.
DatabaseMergeTestCase::testMergeUpdate in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Confirm that we can merge-update a record successfully.
DatabaseMergeTestCase::testMergeUpdateExcept in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Confirm that we can merge-update a record successfully, with different insert and update.
DatabaseMergeTestCase::testMergeUpdateExplicit in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Confirm that we can merge-update a record successfully, with alternate replacement.
DatabaseMergeTestCase::testMergeUpdateExpression in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Confirm that we can merge-update a record successfully, with expressions.
DatabaseMergeTestCase::testMergeUpdateWithoutUpdate in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Confirm that we can merge-update without any update fields.
DatabaseQueryTestCase::testArraySubstitution in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Test that we can specify an array of values in the query by simply passing in an array.
DatabaseRangeQueryTestCase::testRangeQuery in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Confirm that range query work and return correct result.
DatabaseRegressionTestCase::testRegression_310447 in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Regression test for #310447.
DatabaseSchema_sqlite::findTables in includes/database/sqlite/schema.inc
Find all tables that are like the specified base table name.
DatabaseSelectPagerDefaultTestCase::testEvenPagerQuery in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Confirm that a pager query returns the correct results.
DatabaseSelectPagerDefaultTestCase::testOddPagerQuery in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Confirm that a pager query returns the correct results.
DatabaseSelectTestCase::testRandomOrder in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Test that random ordering of queries works.
DatabaseTasks::runTestQuery in includes/install.inc
Run SQL tests to ensure the database can execute commands with the current user.
DatabaseTasks_pgsql::checkBinaryOutput in includes/database/pgsql/install.inc
Check Binary Output.
DatabaseTasks_pgsql::checkBinaryOutputSuccess in includes/database/pgsql/install.inc
Verify that a binary data roundtrip returns the original string.
DatabaseTasks_pgsql::checkEncoding in includes/database/pgsql/install.inc
Check encoding is UTF8.
DatabaseTasks_pgsql::initializeDatabase in includes/database/pgsql/install.inc
Make PostgreSQL Drupal friendly.
DatabaseTransactionTestCase::assertRowAbsent in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Assert that a given row is absent from the test table.
DatabaseTransactionTestCase::assertRowPresent in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Assert that a given row is present in the test table.
DatabaseTransactionTestCase::testCommittedTransaction in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Test committed transaction.
DatabaseTransactionTestCase::testTransactionRollBackNotSupported in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Test transaction rollback on a database that does not support transactions.
DatabaseTransactionTestCase::testTransactionRollBackSupported in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Test transaction rollback on a database that supports transactions.
DatabaseTransactionTestCase::testTransactionWithDdlStatement in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Test the compatibility of transactions with DDL statements.
DatabaseUpdateComplexTestCase::testBetweenConditionUpdate in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Test BETWEEN conditional clauses.
DatabaseUpdateComplexTestCase::testInConditionUpdate in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Test WHERE IN clauses.
DatabaseUpdateComplexTestCase::testLikeConditionUpdate in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Test LIKE conditionals.
DatabaseUpdateComplexTestCase::testNotInConditionUpdate in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Test WHERE NOT IN clauses.
DatabaseUpdateComplexTestCase::testOrConditionUpdate in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Test updates with OR conditionals.
DatabaseUpdateComplexTestCase::testUpdateExpression in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Test update with expression values.
DatabaseUpdateComplexTestCase::testUpdateOnlyExpression in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Test update with only expression values.
DatabaseUpdateLOBTestCase::testUpdateMultipleBlob in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Confirm that we can update two blob columns in the same table.
DatabaseUpdateLOBTestCase::testUpdateOneBlob in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Confirm that we can update a blob column.
DatabaseUpdateTestCase::testMultiGTUpdate in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Confirm that we can update a multiple records with a non-equality condition.
DatabaseUpdateTestCase::testMultiUpdate in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Confirm that we can update a multiple records successfully.
DatabaseUpdateTestCase::testSimpleNullUpdate in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Confirm updating to NULL.
DatabaseUpdateTestCase::testSimpleUpdate in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Confirm that we can update a single record successfully.
DatabaseUpdateTestCase::testWhereAndConditionUpdate in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Confirm that we can stack condition and where calls.
DatabaseUpdateTestCase::testWhereUpdate in modules/simpletest/tests/database_test.test
Confirm that we can update a multiple records with a where call.
DBLogTestCase::doUser in modules/dblog/dblog.test
Generate and verify user events.
DBLogTestCase::testDBLogAddAndClear in modules/dblog/dblog.test
Login an admin user, create dblog event, and test clearing dblog functionality through the admin interface.
DBLogTestCase::verifyCron in modules/dblog/dblog.test
Verify cron applies the dblog row limit.
DBLogTestCase::verifyRowLimit in modules/dblog/dblog.test
Verify setting of the dblog row limit.
dblog_event in modules/dblog/dblog.admin.inc
Menu callback; displays details about a log message.
DrupalDataApiTest::testDrupalWriteRecord in modules/simpletest/tests/common.test
Test the drupal_write_record() API function.
DrupalDatabaseCache::getMultiple in includes/cache.inc
Return data from the persistent cache when given an array of cache IDs.
DrupalWebTestCase::drupalCreateRole in modules/simpletest/drupal_web_test_case.php
Internal helper function; Create a role with specified permissions.
DrupalWebTestCase::setUp in modules/simpletest/drupal_web_test_case.php
Generates a random database prefix, runs the install scripts on the prefixed database and enable the specified modules. After installation many caches are flushed and the internal browser is setup so that the page requests will run on the new prefix.…
drupal_get_filename in includes/bootstrap.inc
Returns and optionally sets the filename for a system item (module, theme, etc.). The filename, whether provided, cached, or retrieved from the database, is only returned if the file exists.
drupal_get_installed_schema_version in includes/install.inc
Returns the currently installed schema version for a module.
drupal_is_denied in includes/bootstrap.inc
Check to see if an IP address has been blocked.
drupal_lookup_path in includes/path.inc
Given an alias, return its Drupal system URL if one exists. Given a Drupal system URL return one of its aliases if such a one exists. Otherwise, return FALSE.
drupal_path_alias_whitelist_rebuild in includes/path.inc
Rebuild the path alias white list.
drupal_valid_path in includes/path.inc
Checks a path exists and the current user has access to it.
error_test_trigger_pdo_exception in modules/simpletest/tests/error_test.module
Menu callback; trigger an exception to test the exception handler.
FeedParserTestCase::testAtomSample in modules/aggregator/aggregator.test
Test a feed that uses the Atom format.
FieldCrudTestCase::testCreateField in modules/field/tests/field.test
Test the creation of a field.
FieldExampleTest::testExampleFieldBasic in examples/field_example/field_example.test
Test basic functionality of the example field.
FieldInfoTestCase::testFieldPrepare in modules/field/tests/field.test
Test that cached field definitions are ready for current runtime context.
FieldInfoTestCase::testInstancePrepare in modules/field/tests/field.test
Test that cached instance definitions are ready for current runtime context.
FieldInstanceCrudTestCase::testCreateFieldInstance in modules/field/tests/field.test
Test the creation of a field instance.
field_sql_storage_update_7001 in modules/field/modules/field_sql_storage/field_sql_storage.install
Remove the field_config_entity_type table and store 'entity_type' strings.
field_update_7001 in modules/field/field.install
Fix fields definitions created during the d6 to d7 upgrade path.
FileFieldTestCase::getLastFileId in modules/file/tests/file.test
Get the fid of the last inserted file.
FileSaveTest::testFileSave in modules/simpletest/tests/file.test
FileSaveUploadTest::setUp in modules/simpletest/tests/file.test
Generates a random database prefix, runs the install scripts on the prefixed database and enable the specified modules. After installation many caches are flushed and the internal browser is setup so that the page requests will run on the new prefix.…
FileSaveUploadTest::testNormal in modules/simpletest/tests/file.test
Test the file_save_upload() function.
file_example_get_managed_file in examples/file_example/file_example.module
Utility function to check for and return a managed file. In this demonstration code we don't necessarily know if a file is managed or not, so often need to check to do the correct behavior. Normal code would not have to do this, as it would be…
FilterAdminTestCase::testFilterAdmin in modules/filter/filter.test
Test filter administration functionality.
FilterCRUDTestCase::testTextFormatCRUD in modules/filter/filter.test
Test CRUD operations for text formats and filters.
FilterCRUDTestCase::verifyFilters in modules/filter/filter.test
Verify that filters are properly stored for a text format.
FilterDefaultFormatTestCase::testDefaultTextFormats in modules/filter/filter.test
FilterHooksTestCase::testFilterHooks in modules/filter/filter.test
Test that hooks run correctly on creating, editing, and deleting a text format.
filter_admin_format_form_validate in modules/filter/filter.admin.inc
Validate text format form submissions.
filter_list_format in modules/filter/filter.module
Retrieve a list of filters for a given text format.
filter_update_7001 in modules/filter/filter.install
Break out "escape HTML filter" option to its own filter.
filter_update_7005 in modules/filter/filter.install
Integrate text formats with the user permissions system.
filter_update_7008 in modules/filter/filter.install
Grant usage of all text formats to user roles having the 'administer filters' permission.
flood_is_allowed in includes/common.inc
Checks whether user is allowed to proceed with the specified event.
ForumTestCase::createForum in modules/forum/forum.test
Create a forum container or a forum.
ForumTestCase::testAddOrphanTopic in modules/forum/forum.test
Forum nodes should not be created without choosing forum from select list.
ForumTestCase::verifyForums in modules/forum/forum.test
Verify the logged in user has access to a forum nodes.
forum_node_update in modules/forum/forum.module
Implements hook_node_update().
HelpTestCase::getModuleList in modules/help/help.test
Get list of enabled modules that implement hook_help().
HookBootExitTestCase::testHookBootExit in modules/simpletest/tests/bootstrap.test
Test calling of hook_boot() and hook_exit().
hook_block_list_alter in modules/block/block.api.php
Act on blocks prior to rendering.
hook_comment_load in modules/comment/comment.api.php
Comments are being loaded from the database.
hook_cron in modules/system/system.api.php
Perform periodic actions.
hook_file_load in modules/system/system.api.php
Load additional information into file objects.
hook_load in modules/node/node.api.php
Act on nodes being loaded from the database.
hook_menu_link_update in modules/system/system.api.php
Inform modules that a menu link has been updated.
hook_node_load in modules/node/node.api.php
Act on nodes being loaded from the database.
hook_node_search_result in modules/node/node.api.php
Act on a node being displayed as a search result.
hook_node_update_index in modules/node/node.api.php
Act on a node being indexed for searching.
hook_search_status in modules/search/search.api.php
Report the status of indexing.
hook_taxonomy_term_load in modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.api.php
Act on taxonomy terms when loaded.
hook_update_N in modules/system/system.api.php
Perform a single update.
hook_user_load in modules/user/user.api.php
Act on user objects when loaded from the database.
ImportOPMLTestCase::submitImportForm in modules/aggregator/aggregator.test
Submit form with invalid, empty and valid OPML files.
ImportOPMLTestCase::validateImportFormFields in modules/aggregator/aggregator.test
Submit form filled with invalid fields.
install_verify_completed_task in includes/install.core.inc
Verify and return the last installation task that was completed.
IPAddressBlockingTestCase::testIPAddressValidation in modules/system/system.test
Test a variety of user input to confirm correct validation and saving of data.
language_list in includes/bootstrap.inc
Get a list of languages set up indexed by the specified key
list_update_7001 in modules/field/modules/list/list.install
Rename the list field types and change 'allowed_values' format.
locale in modules/locale/locale.module
Provides interface translation services.
LocaleImportFunctionalTest::testStandalonePoFile in modules/locale/locale.test
Test import of standalone .po files.
LocaleUninstallFunctionalTest::testUninstallProcess in modules/locale/locale.test
Check if the values of the Locale variables are correct after uninstall.
locale_batch_by_component in includes/locale.inc
Prepare a batch to run when installing modules or enabling themes.
locale_languages_edit_form in modules/locale/locale.admin.inc
Editing screen for a particular language.
locale_languages_edit_form_validate in modules/locale/locale.admin.inc
Validate the language editing form. Reused for custom language addition too.
locale_languages_predefined_form_validate in modules/locale/locale.admin.inc
Validate the language addition form.
locale_translate_delete_page in modules/locale/locale.admin.inc
String deletion confirmation page.
locale_translate_edit_form in modules/locale/locale.admin.inc
User interface for string editing.
locale_translate_edit_form_submit in modules/locale/locale.admin.inc
Process string editing form submissions.
locale_translate_overview_screen in modules/locale/locale.admin.inc
Overview screen for translations.
locale_uninstall in modules/locale/locale.install
Implements hook_uninstall().
lock_may_be_available in includes/lock.inc
Check if lock acquired by a different process may be available.
MenuBreadcrumbTestCase::testBreadCrumbs in modules/simpletest/tests/menu.test
Tests breadcrumbs on node and administrative paths.
MenuRebuildTestCase::testMenuRebuildByVariable in modules/simpletest/tests/menu.test
Test if the 'menu_rebuild_needed' variable triggers a menu_rebuild() call.
MenuRouterTestCase::menuLoadRouter in modules/simpletest/tests/menu.test
Load the router for a given path.
MenuRouterTestCase::testMenuHierarchy in modules/simpletest/tests/menu.test
Tests for menu hierarchy.
MenuRouterTestCase::testMenuName in modules/simpletest/tests/menu.test
Tests for menu_name parameter for hook_menu().
MenuTestCase::addMenuLink in modules/menu/menu.test
Add a menu link using the menu module UI.
MenuTestCase::assertMenuLink in modules/menu/menu.test
Fetch the menu item from the database and compare it to the specified array.
MenuTestCase::deleteCustomMenu in modules/menu/menu.test
Delete custom menu.
MenuTestCase::getStandardMenuLink in modules/menu/menu.test
Get standard menu link.
menu_delete_menu_confirm in modules/menu/menu.admin.inc
Build a confirm form for deletion of a custom menu.
menu_delete_menu_confirm_submit in modules/menu/menu.admin.inc
Delete a custom menu and all links in it.
menu_edit_menu_submit in modules/menu/menu.admin.inc
Submit function for adding or editing a custom menu.
menu_enable in modules/menu/menu.module
Implements hook_enable().
menu_link_delete in includes/menu.inc
Delete one or several menu links.
menu_link_maintain in includes/menu.inc
Insert, update or delete an uncustomized menu link related to a module.
menu_link_save in includes/menu.inc
Saves a menu link.
menu_load_all in modules/menu/menu.module
Load all custom menu data.
menu_node_delete in modules/menu/menu.module
Implements hook_node_delete().
menu_overview_form in modules/menu/menu.admin.inc
Form for editing an entire menu tree at once.
menu_overview_page in modules/menu/menu.admin.inc
Menu callback which shows an overview page of all the custom menus and their descriptions.
menu_update_7000 in modules/menu/menu.install
Migrate the "Default menu for content" setting to individual node types.
ModuleInstallTestCase::testDrupalWriteRecord in modules/simpletest/tests/module.test
Test that calls to drupal_write_record() work during module installation.
ModuleUninstallTestCase::testUserPermsUninstalled in modules/simpletest/tests/module.test
Tests the hook_modules_uninstalled() of the user module.
module_enable in includes/module.inc
Enables or installs a given list of modules.
NewDefaultThemeBlocks::testNewDefaultThemeBlocks in modules/block/block.test
Check the enabled Bartik blocks are correctly copied over.
NodeAccessBaseTableTestCase::testNodeAccessBasic in modules/node/node.test
Test the "private" node access.
NodeAccessExampleTestCase::testNodeAccessBasic in examples/node_access_example/node_access_example.test
Test the "private" node access.
NodeAccessRecordsUnitTest::testNodeAccessRecords in modules/node/node.test
Create a node and test the creation of node access rules.
NodeBlockFunctionalTest::testRecentNodeBlock in modules/node/node.test
Test the recent comments block.
NodeCreationTestCase::testFailedPageCreation in modules/node/node.test
Create a page node and verify that a transaction rolls back the failed creation
NodeRevisionsTestCase::testRevisions in modules/node/node.test
Check node revision related operations.
NodeSaveTestCase::testImport in modules/node/node.test
Import test, to check if custom node ids are saved properly. Workflow:
NodeTypePersistenceTestCase::testNodeTypeCustomizationPersistence in modules/node/node.test
Test node type customizations persist through disable and uninstall.
NodeTypeTestCase::testNodeTypeCreation in modules/node/node.test
Test creating a content type programmatically and via a form.
node_access_example_node_load in examples/node_access_example/node_access_example.module
Implements hook_node_load().
node_access_example_node_update in examples/node_access_example/node_access_example.module
Implements hook_node_update().
node_access_rebuild in modules/node/node.module
Rebuild the node access database. This is occasionally needed by modules that make system-wide changes to access levels.
node_access_test_node_load in modules/node/tests/node_access_test.module
Implements hook_node_load().
node_admin_nodes in modules/node/node.admin.inc
Form builder: Builds the node administration overview.
node_assign_owner_action in modules/node/node.module
Assigns ownership of a node to a user.
node_assign_owner_action_form in modules/node/node.module
Generates the settings form for node_assign_owner_action().
node_assign_owner_action_submit in modules/node/node.module
Saves settings form for node_assign_owner_action().
node_block_list_alter in modules/node/node.module
Implements hook_block_list_alter().
node_example_page in examples/node_example/node_example.module
Callback that builds our content and returns it to the browser.
node_example_uninstall in examples/node_example/node_example.install
Implements hook_uninstall().
node_form_block_admin_configure_alter in modules/node/node.module
Implements hook_form_FORMID_alter().
node_get_recent in modules/node/node.module
Finds the most recently changed nodes that are available to the current user.
node_last_changed in modules/node/node.module
Finds the last time a node was changed.
node_last_viewed in modules/node/node.module
Retrieves the timestamp at which the current user last viewed the specified node.
node_multiple_delete_confirm in modules/node/node.admin.inc
node_requirements in modules/node/node.module
Implements hook_requirements().
node_revision_delete_confirm_submit in modules/node/node.pages.inc
node_revision_list in modules/node/node.module
Return a list of all the existing revision numbers.
node_search_status in modules/node/node.module
Implements hook_search_status().
node_type_delete_confirm in modules/node/content_types.inc
Menu callback; delete a single content type.
node_update_7006 in modules/node/node.install
Convert body and teaser from node properties to fields, and migrate status/comment/promote and sticky columns to the {node_revision} table.
node_user_delete in modules/node/node.module
Implements hook_user_delete().
openid_association in modules/openid/openid.module
Attempt to create a shared secret with the OpenID Provider.
openid_user_add_validate in modules/openid/openid.pages.inc
openid_user_delete_form in modules/openid/openid.pages.inc
Menu callback; Delete the specified OpenID identity from the system.
openid_user_identities in modules/openid/openid.pages.inc
Menu callback; Manage OpenID identities for the specified user.
openid_verify_assertion in modules/openid/openid.module
Attempt to verify the response received from the OpenID Provider.
openid_verify_assertion_nonce in modules/openid/openid.module
Verify that the nonce has not been used in earlier assertions from the same OpenID provider.
PathTaxonomyTermTestCase::testTermAlias in modules/path/path.test
Test alias functionality through the admin interfaces.
PathTestCase::getPID in modules/path/path.test
path_admin_form_validate in modules/path/path.admin.inc
Verify that a URL alias is valid
PollExpirationTestCase::testAutoExpire in modules/poll/poll.test
poll_cron in modules/poll/poll.module
Implements hook_cron().
poll_load in modules/poll/poll.module
Implements hook_load().
ProfileTestCase::createProfileField in modules/profile/profile.test
Create a profile field.
profile_admin_overview in modules/profile/profile.admin.inc
Form builder to display a listing of all editable profile fields.
profile_block_configure in modules/profile/profile.module
Implements hook_block_configure().
profile_block_view in modules/profile/profile.module
Implements hook_block_view().
profile_browse in modules/profile/profile.pages.inc
Menu callback; display a list of user information.
profile_field_delete in modules/profile/profile.admin.inc
Menu callback; deletes a field from all user profiles.
profile_field_form in modules/profile/profile.admin.inc
Menu callback: Generate a form to add/edit a user profile field.
profile_user_categories in modules/profile/profile.module
Implements hook_user_categories().
profile_user_load in modules/profile/profile.module
Implements hook_user_load().
profile_user_view in modules/profile/profile.module
Implements hook_user_view().
queue_example_retrieve_queue in examples/queue_example/queue_example.module
Retrieves the queue from the database for display purposes only.
RdfCrudTestCase::testCRUD in modules/rdf/rdf.test
Test inserting, loading, updating, and deleting RDF mappings.
RdfTrackerAttributesTestCase::_testBasicTrackerRdfaMarkup in modules/rdf/rdf.test
Helper function for testAttributesInTracker().
RegistryParseFilesTestCase::testRegistryParseFiles in modules/simpletest/tests/registry.test
RegistryParseFileTestCase::testRegistryParseFile in modules/simpletest/tests/registry.test
registry_get_parsed_files in includes/registry.inc
Return the list of files in registry_file
RemoveFeedTestCase::testRemoveFeed in modules/aggregator/aggregator.test
Remove a feed and ensure that all it services are removed.
SchemaTestCase::testSchema in modules/simpletest/tests/schema.test
search_index in modules/search/search.module
Update the full-text search index for a particular item.
search_node_update_index in modules/search/search.module
Implements hook_node_update_index().
search_update_totals in modules/search/search.module
Updates the {search_total} database table.
SessionHttpsTestCase::assertSessionIds in modules/simpletest/tests/session.test
Test that there exists a session with two specific session IDs.
SessionTestCase::testEmptySessionID in modules/simpletest/tests/session.test
Test that empty session IDs are not allowed.
SessionTestCase::testSessionWrite in modules/simpletest/tests/session.test
Test that sessions are only saved when necessary.
shortcut_set_delete_form in modules/shortcut/shortcut.admin.inc
Form callback: builds the confirmation form for deleting a shortcut set.
shortcut_set_get_unique_name in modules/shortcut/shortcut.module
Returns a unique, machine-readable shortcut set name.
simpletest_clean_results_table in modules/simpletest/simpletest.module
Clear the test result tables.
simpletest_test_get_all in modules/simpletest/simpletest.module
Get a list of all of the tests provided by the system.
StatisticsBlockVisitorsTestCase::testIPAddressBlocking in modules/statistics/statistics.test
Blocks an IP address via the top visitors report and then unblocks it.
StatisticsLoggingTestCase::testLogging in modules/statistics/statistics.test
Verifies request logging for cached and uncached pages.
statistics_access_log in modules/statistics/statistics.admin.inc
Menu callback; Displays recent page accesses.
statistics_get in modules/statistics/statistics.module
Retrieves a node's "view statistics".
statistics_update_index in modules/statistics/statistics.module
Implements hook_update_index().
SystemInfoAlterTestCase::getSystemInfo in modules/system/system.test
Returns the info array as it is stored in {system}.
SystemQueue::numberOfItems in modules/system/system.queue.inc
system_actions_configure in modules/system/system.admin.inc
Menu callback; Creates the form for configuration of a single action.
system_actions_manage in modules/system/system.admin.inc
Menu callback; Displays an overview of available and configured actions.
system_admin_config_page in modules/system/system.admin.inc
Menu callback; Provide the administration overview page.
system_admin_menu_block in modules/system/system.module
Provide a single block on the administration overview page.
system_cron in modules/system/system.module
Implements hook_cron().
system_date_format_locale in modules/system/system.module
Gets the appropriate date format string for a date type and locale.
system_get_date_format in modules/system/system.module
Gets the format details for a particular format ID.
system_get_files_database in modules/system/system.module
Retrieves the current status of an array of files in the system table.
system_ip_blocking in modules/system/system.admin.inc
Menu callback. Display blocked IP addresses.
system_ip_blocking_form_validate in modules/system/system.admin.inc
system_list in includes/module.inc
Build a list of bootstrap modules and enabled modules and themes.
system_update_7000 in modules/system/system.install
Rename blog and forum permissions to be consistent with other content types.
system_update_7003 in modules/system/system.install
Update {blocked_ips} with valid IP addresses from {access}.
system_update_7007 in modules/system/system.install
Convert to new method of storing permissions.
system_update_7011 in modules/system/system.install
Split the 'bypass node access' permission from 'administer nodes'.
system_update_7013 in modules/system/system.install
Convert default time zone offset to default time zone name.
system_update_7016 in modules/system/system.install
Remove custom datatype *_unsigned in PostgreSQL.
system_update_7036 in modules/system/system.install
Split the 'access site in maintenance mode' permission from 'administer site configuration'.
system_update_7053 in modules/system/system.install
Upgrade standard blocks and menus.
system_update_7060 in modules/system/system.install
Create fields in preparation for migrating upload.module to file.module.
system_update_7061 in modules/system/system.install
Migrate upload.module data to the newly created file field.
system_update_7063 in modules/system/system.install
Delete {menu_links} records for 'type' => MENU_CALLBACK which would not appear in a fresh install.
system_update_files_database in modules/system/system.module
Updates the records in the system table based on the files array.
TaxonomyHooksTestCase::testTaxonomyTermHooks in modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.test
Test that hooks are run correctly on creating, editing and deleting a term.
TaxonomyVocabularyUnitTest::testTaxonomyVocabularyDeleteWithTerms in modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.test
Test deleting a taxonomy that contains terms.
taxonomy_uninstall in modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.install
Implements hook_uninstall().
taxonomy_update_7002 in modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.install
Add {vocabulary}.machine_name column.
taxonomy_update_7004 in modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.install
Move taxonomy vocabulary associations for nodes to fields and field instances.
taxonomy_update_7005 in modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.install
Migrate {taxonomy_term_node} table to field storage.
taxonomy_vocabulary_delete in modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module
Delete a vocabulary.
taxonomy_vocabulary_get_names in modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module
Get names for all taxonomy vocabularies.
TokenExampleTestCase::testInterface in examples/token_example/token_example.test
toolbar_get_menu_tree in modules/toolbar/toolbar.module
Get only the top level items below the 'admin' path.
tracker_enable in modules/tracker/tracker.install
Implements hook_enable().
tracker_page in modules/tracker/tracker.pages.inc
Menu callback; prints a listing of active nodes on the site.
tracker_update_7000 in modules/tracker/tracker.install
Create new tracker_node and tracker_user tables.
translation_remove_from_set in modules/translation/translation.module
Remove a node from its translation set (if any) and update the set accordingly.
TriggerContentTestCase::testActionsContent in modules/trigger/trigger.test
Tests several content-oriented trigger issues.
TriggerExampleTestCase::testTriggersomethingEvent in examples/trigger_example/trigger_example.test
Test assigning a configurable action to the triggersomething event.
TriggerExampleTestCase::testUserLogin in examples/trigger_example/trigger_example.test
TriggerWebTestCase::configureAdvancedAction in modules/trigger/trigger.test
Configure an advanced action.
trigger_assign_form_submit in modules/trigger/trigger.admin.inc
Submit function for trigger_assign_form().
trigger_assign_form_validate in modules/trigger/trigger.admin.inc
Validation function for trigger_assign_form().
trigger_get_assigned_actions in modules/trigger/trigger.module
Gets the action IDs of actions to be executed for a hook.
trigger_update_7000 in modules/trigger/trigger.install
Adds operation names to the hook names and drops the "op" field.
UpdateFeedItemTestCase::testUpdateFeedItem in modules/aggregator/aggregator.test
Test running "update items" from the 'admin/config/services/aggregator' page.
UpdateScriptFunctionalTest::testThemeSystem in modules/system/system.test
Tests the effect of using the update script on the theme system.
UpdateScriptFunctionalTest::testUpdateAccess in modules/system/system.test
Tests access to the update script.
update_fix_compatibility in includes/update.inc
Disable any items in the {system} table that are not core compatible.
update_fix_d7_block_deltas in includes/update.inc
A helper function that modules can use to assist with the transformation from numeric block deltas to string block deltas during the 6.x -> 7.x upgrade.
update_fix_d7_requirements in includes/update.inc
Perform Drupal 6.x to 7.x updates that are required for update.php to function properly.
update_retrieve_dependencies in includes/update.inc
Invoke hook_update_dependencies() in all installed modules.
UpgradePathTestCase::setUp in modules/simpletest/tests/upgrade/upgrade.test
Override of DrupalWebTestCase::setUp() specialized for upgrade testing.
UrlAlterFunctionalTest::testUrlAlter in modules/simpletest/tests/path.test
Test that URL altering works and that it occurs in the correct order.
UserBlocksUnitTests::insertSession in modules/user/user.test
Insert a user session into the {sessions} table. This function is used since we cannot log in more than one user at the same time in tests.
UserBlocksUnitTests::testWhosOnlineBlock in modules/user/user.test
Test the Who's Online block.
UserController::attachLoad in modules/user/user.module
Attaches data to entities upon loading. This will attach fields, if the entity is fieldable. It calls hook_entity_load() for modules which need to add data to all entities. It also calls hook_TYPE_load() on the loaded entities. For…
UserSaveTestCase::testUserImport in modules/user/user.test
Test creating a user with arbitrary uid.
UserUpgradePathPasswordTokenTestCase::testUserUpgrade in modules/simpletest/tests/upgrade/upgrade.user.test
Test a successful upgrade.
user_admin_account in modules/user/user.admin.inc
Form builder; User administration page.
user_block_view in modules/user/user.module
Implements hook_block_view().
user_external_load in modules/user/user.module
Fetches a user object based on an external authentication source.
user_get_authmaps in modules/user/user.module
Discover which external authentication module(s) authenticated a username.
user_login_authenticate_validate in modules/user/user.module
A validate handler on the login form. Check supplied username/password against local users table. If successful, $form_state['uid'] is set to the matching user ID.
user_multiple_role_edit in modules/user/user.module
Callback function for admin mass adding/deleting a user role.
user_node_load in modules/user/user.module
Implements hook_node_load().
user_role_permissions in modules/user/user.module
Determine the permissions for one or more roles.
user_save in modules/user/user.module
Save changes to a user account or add a new user.
user_update_7000 in modules/user/user.install
Increase the length of the password field to accommodate better hashes.
user_update_7002 in modules/user/user.install
Convert user time zones from time zone offsets to time zone names.
user_update_7010 in modules/user/user.install
Update the {user}.signature_format column.
user_update_7012 in modules/user/user.install
Add the user's pictures to the {file_managed} table and make them managed files.
user_update_7013 in modules/user/user.install
Add user module file usage entries.
variable_initialize in includes/bootstrap.inc
Load the persistent variable table.
_book_update_outline in modules/book/book.module
Common helper function to handles additions and updates to the book outline.
_comment_update_node_statistics in modules/comment/comment.module
Updates the comment statistics for a given node. This should be called any time a comment is added, deleted, or updated.
_dblog_get_message_types in modules/dblog/dblog.module
_drupal_session_read in includes/session.inc
Reads an entire session from the database (internal use only).
_forum_update_forum_index in modules/forum/forum.module
Updates the taxonomy index for a given node.
_forum_user_last_visit in modules/forum/forum.module
_locale_export_get_strings in includes/locale.inc
Generates a structured array of all strings with translations in $language, if given. This array can be used to generate an export of the string in the database.
_locale_import_one_string_db in includes/locale.inc
Import one string into the database.
_locale_import_po in includes/locale.inc
Parses Gettext Portable Object file information and inserts into database
_locale_parse_js_file in includes/locale.inc
Parses a JavaScript file, extracts strings wrapped in Drupal.t() and Drupal.formatPlural() and inserts them into the database.
_locale_rebuild_js in includes/locale.inc
(Re-)Creates the JavaScript translation file for a language.
_menu_delete_item in includes/menu.inc
Helper function for menu_link_delete; deletes a single menu link.
_menu_link_find_parent in includes/menu.inc
Find a possible parent for a given menu link.
_menu_router_build in includes/menu.inc
Helper function to build the router table based on the data from hook_menu.
_menu_set_expanded_menus in includes/menu.inc
Helper function to update a list of menus with expanded items
_node_access_rebuild_batch_operation in modules/node/node.module
Batch operation for node_access_rebuild_batch.
_node_revision_access in modules/node/node.module
_registry_update in includes/registry.inc
Does the work for registry_update().
_system_date_formats_build in modules/system/system.module
Builds and returns information about available date formats.
_system_date_format_types_build in modules/system/system.module
Builds and returns information about available date types.
_tracker_add in modules/tracker/tracker.module
Update indexing tables when a node is added, updated or commented on.
_tracker_calculate_changed in modules/tracker/tracker.module
Determine the max timestamp between $node->changed and the last comment.
_tracker_remove in modules/tracker/tracker.module
Clean up indexed data when nodes or comments are removed.
_update_7000_node_get_types in modules/node/node.install
Utility function: fetch the node types directly from the database.
_update_7002_taxonomy_get_vocabularies in modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.install
Utility function: get the list of vocabularies directly from the database.
_update_cache_get in modules/update/update.module
Retrieve data from the private update status cache table.


includes/database/database.inc, line 2311

function db_query($query, array $args = array(), array $options = array()) {
  if (empty($options['target'])) {
    $options['target'] = 'default';

  return Database::getConnection($options['target'])->query($query, $args, $options);