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SQLite specific implementation of TruncateQuery.

SQLite doesn't support TRUNCATE, but a DELETE query with no condition has exactly the effect (it is implemented by DROPing the table).



Query::$commentsAn array of comments that can be prepended to a query.
Query::$connectionThe connection object on which to run this query.
Query::$connectionKeyThe key of the connection object.
Query::$connectionTargetThe target of the connection object.
Query::$queryOptionsThe query options to pass on to the connection object.
TruncateQuery::$tableThe table to truncate.

Functions & methods

Query::commentAdds a comment to the query.
Query::getCommentsReturns a reference to the comments array for the query.
Query::nextPlaceholderGets the next placeholder value for this query object. Overrides QueryPlaceholderInterface::nextPlaceholder
Query::uniqueIdentifierReturns a unique identifier for this object. Overrides QueryPlaceholderInterface::uniqueIdentifier
Query::__cloneImplements the magic __clone function.
Query::__sleepImplements the magic __sleep function to disconnect from the database.
Query::__wakeupImplements the magic __wakeup function to reconnect to the database.
TruncateQuery::compileImplements QueryConditionInterface::compile().
TruncateQuery::compiledImplements QueryConditionInterface::compiled().
TruncateQuery::executeExecutes the TRUNCATE query. Overrides Query::execute
TruncateQuery::__constructConstructs a TruncateQuery object. Overrides Query::__construct
TruncateQuery_sqlite::__toStringImplements PHP magic __toString method to convert the query to a string. Overrides TruncateQuery::__toString

includes/database/sqlite/, line 149

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class TruncateQuery_sqlite extends TruncateQuery {
  public function __toString() {
    // Create a sanitized comment string to prepend to the query.
    $comments = $this->connection->makeComment($this->comments);

    return $comments . 'DELETE FROM {' . $this->connection->escapeTable($this->table) . '} ';

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