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7 – 8 file_save(stdClass $file)

Save a file object to the database.

If the $file->fid is not set a new record will be added.


$file A file object returned by file_load().

Return value

The updated file object.

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includes/, line 571

function file_save(stdClass $file) {
  $file->timestamp = REQUEST_TIME;
  $file->filesize = filesize($file->uri);

  // Load the stored entity, if any.
  if (!empty($file->fid) && !isset($file->original)) {
    $file->original = entity_load_unchanged('file', $file->fid);

  module_invoke_all('file_presave', $file);
  module_invoke_all('entity_presave', $file, 'file');

  if (empty($file->fid)) {
    drupal_write_record('file_managed', $file);
    // Inform modules about the newly added file.
    module_invoke_all('file_insert', $file);
    module_invoke_all('entity_insert', $file, 'file');
  else {
    drupal_write_record('file_managed', $file, 'fid');
    // Inform modules that the file has been updated.
    module_invoke_all('file_update', $file);
    module_invoke_all('entity_update', $file, 'file');

  return $file;