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Common file handling functions.

Functions & methods

file_check_directoryCheck that the directory exists and is writable. Directories need to have execute permissions to be considered a directory by FTP servers, etc.
file_check_locationCheck if a file is really located inside $directory. Should be used to make sure a file specified is really located within the directory to prevent exploits.
file_check_pathChecks path to see if it is a directory, or a dir/file.
file_check_uploadVerify an uploaded file.
file_copyCopies a file to a new location. This is a powerful function that in many ways performs like an advanced version of copy().
file_create_filenameCreate a full file path from a directory and filename. If a file with the specified name already exists, an alternative will be used.
file_create_pathMake sure the destination is a complete path and resides in the file system directory, if it is not prepend the file system directory.
file_create_urlCreate the download path to a file.
file_deleteDelete a file.
file_directory_pathDetermine the default 'files' directory.
file_directory_tempDetermine the default temporary directory.
file_get_mimetypeDetermine an Internet Media Type, or MIME type from a filename.
file_moveMoves a file to a new location.
file_save_dataSave a string to the specified destination.
file_save_uploadSaves a file upload to a new location. The source file is validated as a proper upload and handled as such.
file_scan_directoryFinds all files that match a given mask in a given directory. Directories and files beginning with a period are excluded; this prevents hidden files and directories (such as SVN working directories) from being scanned.
file_transferTransfer file using http to client. Pipes a file through Drupal to the client.
file_upload_max_sizeDetermine the maximum file upload size by querying the PHP settings.



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