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6 – 8 _menu_find_router_path($link_path)

Find the router path which will serve this path.


$link_path The path for we are looking up its router path.

Return value

A path from $menu keys or empty if $link_path points to a nonexisting place.

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includes/menu.inc, line 3278

function _menu_find_router_path($link_path) {
  // $menu will only have data during a menu rebuild.
  $menu = _menu_router_cache();

  $router_path = $link_path;
  $parts = explode('/', $link_path, MENU_MAX_PARTS);
  $ancestors = menu_get_ancestors($parts);

  if (empty($menu)) {
    // Not during a menu rebuild, so look up in the database.
    $router_path = (string) db_select('menu_router')
      ->fields('menu_router', array('path'))
      ->condition('path', $ancestors, 'IN')
      ->orderBy('fit', 'DESC')
      ->range(0, 1)
  elseif (!isset($menu[$router_path])) {
    // Add an empty router path as a fallback.
    $ancestors[] = '';
    foreach ($ancestors as $key => $router_path) {
      if (isset($menu[$router_path])) {
        // Exit the loop leaving $router_path as the first match.
    // If we did not find the path, $router_path will be the empty string
    // at the end of $ancestors.
  return $router_path;