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5 – 7 menu_rebuild()

Populate the database representation of the menu.

This need only be called at the start of pages that modify the menu.

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includes/, line 588

function menu_rebuild() {
  // Clear the page cache, so that changed menus are reflected for anonymous users.
  cache_clear_all('*', 'cache_page', TRUE);
  // Also clear the menu cache.
  cache_clear_all('*', 'cache_menu', TRUE);


  if (module_exists('menu')) {
    $menu = menu_get_menu();

    // Fill a queue of new menu items which are modifiable.
    $new_items = array();
    foreach ($menu['items'] as $mid => $item) {
      if ($mid < 0 && ($item['type'] & MENU_MODIFIABLE_BY_ADMIN)) {
        $new_items[$mid] = $item;

    $old_count = -1;
    // Save the new items updating the pids in each iteration
    while (($c = count($new_items)) && ($c != $old_count)) {
      $old_count = count($new_items);
      foreach ($new_items as $mid => $item) {
        // If the item has a valid parent, save it
        if ($item['pid'] >= 0) {
          // The new menu ID gets passed back by reference as $item['mid']
          // Fix parent IDs for the children of the menu item just saved
          if ($item['children']) {
            foreach ($item['children'] as $child) {
              if (isset($new_items[$child])) {
                $new_items[$child]['pid'] = $item['mid'];
          // remove the item
    // Rebuild the menu to account for the changes.

  // Reset the cached $menu in menu_get_item().
  menu_get_item(NULL, NULL, TRUE);