Code registry

  1. autoload
    1. 6.2
  2. drupal
    1. 8
    2. 7

The code registry engine.

Drupal maintains an internal registry of all functions or classes in the system, allowing it to lazy-load code files as needed (reducing the amount of code that must be parsed on each request).

Functions & methods

drupal_autoload_classConfirm that a class is available.
drupal_autoload_interfaceConfirm that an interface is available.
registry_get_parsed_filesReturn the list of files in registry_file
registry_rebuildRescan all enabled modules and rebuild the registry.
registry_updateUpdate the registry based on the latest files listed in the database.
_registry_check_codeHelper to check for a resource in the registry.
_registry_parse_fileParse a file and save its function and class listings.
_registry_parse_filesParse all files that have changed since the registry was last built, and save their function and class listings.
_registry_updateDoes the work for registry_update().

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