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Returns HTML for a link.

All Drupal code that outputs a link should call the l() function. That function performs some initial preprocessing, and then, if necessary, calls theme('link') for rendering the anchor tag.

To optimize performance for sites that don't need custom theming of links, the l() function includes an inline copy of this function, and uses that copy if none of the enabled modules or the active theme implement any preprocess or process functions or override this theme implementation.


$variables An associative array containing the keys 'text', 'path', and 'options'. See the l() function for information about these variables.

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includes/, line 1384

function theme_link($variables) {
  return '<a href="' . check_plain(url($variables['path'], $variables['options'])) . '"' . drupal_attributes($variables['options']['attributes']) . '>' . ($variables['options']['html'] ? $variables['text'] : check_plain($variables['text'])) . '</a>';