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8 – 7 field_info_instances($entity_type = NULL, $bundle_name = NULL)

Retrieves information about field instances.


$entity_type The entity type for which to return instances.

$bundle_name The bundle name for which to return instances.

Return value

If $entity_type is not set, return all instances keyed by entity type and bundle name. If $entity_type is set, return all instances for that entity type, keyed by bundle name. If $entity_type and $bundle_name are set, return all instances for that bundle.

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modules/field/, line 687

function field_info_instances($entity_type = NULL, $bundle_name = NULL) {
  $info = _field_info_collate_fields();
  if (!isset($entity_type)) {
    return $info['instances'];
  if (!isset($bundle_name)) {
    return $info['instances'][$entity_type];
  if (isset($info['instances'][$entity_type][$bundle_name])) {
    return $info['instances'][$entity_type][$bundle_name];
  return array();