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8 – 7 file_managed_file_save_upload($element)

Given a managed_file element, save any files that have been uploaded into it.


$element The FAPI element whose values are being saved.

Return value

The file object representing the file that was saved, or FALSE if no file was saved.


modules/file/file.module, line 612

function file_managed_file_save_upload($element) {
  $upload_name = implode('_', $element['#parents']);
  if (empty($_FILES['files']['name'][$upload_name])) {
    return FALSE;

  $destination = isset($element['#upload_location']) ? $element['#upload_location'] : NULL;
  if (isset($destination) && !file_prepare_directory($destination, FILE_CREATE_DIRECTORY)) {
    watchdog('file', 'The upload directory %directory for the file field !name could not be created or is not accessible. A newly uploaded file could not be saved in this directory as a consequence, and the upload was canceled.', array('%directory' => $destination, '!name' => $element['#field_name']));
    form_set_error($upload_name, t('The file could not be uploaded.'));
    return FALSE;

  if (!$file = file_save_upload($upload_name, $element['#upload_validators'], $destination)) {
    watchdog('file', 'The file upload failed. %upload', array('%upload' => $upload_name));
    form_set_error($upload_name, t('The file in the !name field was unable to be uploaded.', array('!name' => $element['#title'])));
    return FALSE;

  return $file;