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6 – 8 node_access_needs_rebuild($rebuild = NULL)

Flag / unflag the node access grants for rebuilding, or read the current value of the flag.

When the flag is set, a message is displayed to users with 'access administration pages' permission, pointing to the 'rebuild' confirm form. This can be used as an alternative to direct node_access_rebuild calls, allowing administrators to decide when they want to perform the actual (possibly time consuming) rebuild. When unsure the current user is an administrator, node_access_rebuild should be used instead.


$rebuild (Optional) The boolean value to be written.

Return value

(If no value was provided for $rebuild) The current value of the flag.

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modules/node/node.module, line 3413

function node_access_needs_rebuild($rebuild = NULL) {
  if (!isset($rebuild)) {
    return variable_get('node_access_needs_rebuild', FALSE);
  elseif ($rebuild) {
    variable_set('node_access_needs_rebuild', TRUE);
  else {