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The node access system determines who can do what to which nodes.

In determining access rights for a node, node_access() first checks whether the user has the "administer nodes" permission. Such users have unrestricted access to all nodes. Then the node module's hook_access() is called, and a TRUE or FALSE return value will grant or deny access. This allows, for example, the blog module to always grant access to the blog author, and for the book module to always deny editing access to PHP pages.

If node module does not intervene (returns NULL), then the node_access table is used to determine access. All node access modules are queried using hook_node_grants() to assemble a list of "grant IDs" for the user. This list is compared against the table. If any row contains the node ID in question (or 0, which stands for "all nodes"), one of the grant IDs returned, and a value of TRUE for the operation in question, then access is granted. Note that this table is a list of grants; any matching row is sufficient to grant access to the node.

In node listings, the process above is followed except that hook_access() is not called on each node for performance reasons and for proper functioning of the pager system. When adding a node listing to your module, be sure to use db_rewrite_sql() to add the appropriate clauses to your query for access checks.

To see how to write a node access module of your own, see node_access_example.module.

Functions & methods

hook_accessDefine access restrictions.
hook_node_access_recordsSet permissions for a node to be written to the database.
hook_node_grantsInform the node access system what permissions the user has.
node_accessDetermine whether the current user may perform the given operation on the specified node.
node_access_acquire_grantsThis function will call module invoke to get a list of grants and then write them to the database. It is called at node save, and should be called by modules whenever something other than a node_save causes the permissions on a node to change.
node_access_grantsFetch an array of permission IDs granted to the given user ID.
node_access_rebuildRebuild the node access database. This is occasionally needed by modules that make system-wide changes to access levels.
node_access_view_all_nodesDetermine whether the user has a global viewing grant for all nodes.
node_access_write_grantsThis function will write a list of grants to the database, deleting any pre-existing grants. If a realm is provided, it will only delete grants from that realm, but it will always delete a grant from the 'all' realm. Modules which utilize…
node_db_rewrite_sqlImplementation of hook_db_rewrite_sql
_node_access_join_sqlGenerate an SQL join clause for use in fetching a node listing.
_node_access_where_sqlGenerate an SQL where clause for use in fetching a node listing.

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