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8 – 7 hook_search_page($results)

Override the rendering of search results.

A module that implements hook_search_info() to define a type of search may implement this hook in order to override the default theming of its search results, which is otherwise themed using theme('search_results').

Note that by default, theme('search_results') and theme('search_result') work together to create an ordered list (OL). So your hook_search_page() implementation should probably do this as well.


$results An array of search results.

Return value

A renderable array, which will render the formatted search results with a pager included.

See also

search-result.tpl.php, search-results.tpl.php

Related topics


modules/search/search.api.php, line 274

function hook_search_page($results) {
  $output['prefix']['#markup'] = '<ol class="search-results">';

  foreach ($results as $entry) {
    $output[] = array(
      '#theme' => 'search_result', 
      '#result' => $entry, 
      '#module' => 'my_module_name',
  $output['suffix']['#markup'] = '</ol>' . theme('pager');

  return $output;