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Matches CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) letter-like characters.

This list is derived from the "East Asian Scripts" section of, as well as a comment on listing some character ranges that are reserved for additional CJK ideographs.

The character ranges do not include numbers, punctuation, or symbols, since these are handled separately in search. Note that radicals and strokes are considered symbols. (See

modules/search/search.module, line 57

define('PREG_CLASS_CJK', '\x{1100}-\x{11FF}\x{3040}-\x{309F}\x{30A1}-\x{318E}' .
  '\x{31A0}-\x{31B7}\x{31F0}-\x{31FF}\x{3400}-\x{4DBF}\x{4E00}-\x{9FCF}' .
  '\x{A000}-\x{A48F}\x{A4D0}-\x{A4FD}\x{A960}-\x{A97F}\x{AC00}-\x{D7FF}' .
  '\x{F900}-\x{FAFF}\x{FF21}-\x{FF3A}\x{FF41}-\x{FF5A}\x{FF66}-\x{FFDC}' .