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7 protected DrupalWebTestCase::clickLink($label, $index = 0)

Follows a link by name.

Will click the first link found with this link text by default, or a later one if an index is given. Match is case insensitive with normalized space. The label is translated label. There is an assert for successful click.


$label Text between the anchor tags.

$index Link position counting from zero.

Return value

Page on success, or FALSE on failure.


modules/simpletest/drupal_web_test_case.php, line 2452

protected function clickLink($label, $index = 0) {
  $url_before = $this->getUrl();
  $urls = $this->xpath('//a[normalize-space(text())=:label]', array(':label' => $label));

  if (isset($urls[$index])) {
    $url_target = $this->getAbsoluteUrl($urls[$index]['href']);

  $this->assertTrue(isset($urls[$index]), t('Clicked link %label (@url_target) from @url_before', array('%label' => $label, '@url_target' => $url_target, '@url_before' => $url_before)), t('Browser'));

  if (isset($url_target)) {
    return $this->drupalGet($url_target);
  return FALSE;