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7 FileSaveDataTest::testExistingRename()

Test file_save_data() when renaming around an existing file.


modules/simpletest/tests/file.test, line 2242

function testExistingRename() {
  // Setup a file to overwrite.
  $existing = $this->createFile();
  $contents = $this->randomName(8);

  $result = file_save_data($contents, $existing->uri, FILE_EXISTS_RENAME);
  $this->assertTrue($result, t("File saved successfully."));

  $this->assertEqual('public', file_uri_scheme($result->uri), t("File was placed in Drupal's files directory."));
  $this->assertEqual($result->filename, $existing->filename, t("Filename was set to the basename of the source, rather than that of the renamed file."));
  $this->assertEqual($contents, file_get_contents($result->uri), t("Contents of the file are correct."));
  $this->assertEqual($result->filemime, 'application/octet-stream', t("A MIME type was set."));
  $this->assertEqual($result->status, FILE_STATUS_PERMANENT, t("The file's status was set to permanent."));

  // Check that the correct hooks were called.

  // Ensure that the existing file wasn't overwritten.
  $this->assertDifferentFile($existing, $result);
  $this->assertFileUnchanged($existing, file_load($existing->fid, TRUE));

  // Verify that was returned is what's in the database.
  $this->assertFileUnchanged($result, file_load($result->fid, TRUE));