1. services
    1. 5 services.module
    2. 7.3
    3. 7 services.module
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    5. 6.2 services.module
    6. 6.3
5 services_error($message)
6.2 services_error($message, $code = 0, $exception = NULL)
7.3 – 6.3 services_error($message, $code = 0, $data = NULL)
6 services_error($message)
7 services_error($message, $code = 0, $exception = NULL)

Prepare an error message for returning to the server.


string $message Error message.

int $code Optional. Error code. This often maps to the HTTP status codes. Defaults to 0.

mixed $data Optional. Information that can be used by the server to return information about the error. Defaults to null.

Return value


▾ 29 functions call services_error()

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./, line 329

function services_error($message, $code = 0, $data = NULL) {
  throw new ServicesException($message, $code, $data);